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Let us help. Vrootok is a digital marketing company that will help you take your well-deserved place in the online world. Schedule a free consultation with our CEO, Teodora Nikolovska.
Teodora Nikolovska

Meet our CEO

Teodora is an energetic entrepreneur, passionate about marketing, education, business development, and technology. While leading our agency, she is also a marketing and business consultant for companies and individuals who want to achieve their full potential with a creative approach.

Teodora also serves as a mentor, trainer, and coach for various projects and organizations, including projects for UNICEF, The Macedonian Mentoring Network, Start-up Weekend Skopje, Global Entrepreneurship Weekend Skopje, and CEED.

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Why Vrootok?

We are a group of seasoned professionals ready to give you maximum value and ROI. Being a passionate group of marketers, we will apply our expertise to help businesses that are looking to earn their place in the digital marketing world. Be sure that we’ll bring the best possible results toward your business goals.

By Using Our Services, You:

-Get our professional feedback, expertise, and relentless help to help you succeed

-Are free to dedicate your time to run your business

-Most importantly, get results!

Detailed strategies / Road maps

We fight the front lines with detailed strategies based on deep research and roadmaps. Our efforts always lead to results.

Data Driven Approach

We base our strategies on deep data analysis, without the need for your involvement. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Customized Solutions

We stand behind everything we do for you, so expect nothing but the best. We personalize every solution we deliver to perfectly fit your needs.

CMO Expertise

Get a chief marketing officer backed by a full team of apex predators in every digital marketing sphere.

Power-Up with Our Marketing Services

Our team is specialized in all the of the important marketing services your company needs. Choose your path toward achieving your goals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Triumph the search engine results by optimizing your website with SEO. We create a custom niche keyword list and topics that you must target. Become an authority in the marketing you want to compete in.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Want to get instant results in search engines? PPC will help you do that. We create campaigns targeting your niche audience and market. And, we do A/B testing to improve them, bringing you maximum bang for the buck.

Content Marketing

Want to give your audience value but don’t know how? Content marketing will do just that! Increase your brand authority and conversions with an outstanding website and social media content.

Graphic Design Projects

Do you want your brand to be memorable without people even having to read your content? A great graphic design can do just that. We’ll create both pixel and vector graphic designs that best illustrate your business ideas.

Email Marketing

You don’t know how, or when, to send an engaging email to your subscribers? Don’t have a strategy for email marketing? With our help, you will have a personalized email campaign that people can’t say no to.

Website Development

Have a great product, but no website to make it known to the world? Fear not, we’ll build one just for that! And not just build a website for the sake of having a website - we’ll build it according to SEO and UX best practices.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to have a more personal relationship with your audience, you ought to use social media. We help you create the community following that you need for an exceptional social media presence.

Marketing Data Analysis

A marketing strategy without data analysis is like a car without a steering wheel. If will work, yes, but the moment you’ve hit a curve, you’re doomed. Data analysis is one of the backbones for marketing, so use it or lose it.

Market Research Services

Before you even do data analysis you must do extensive research. You must know your competition, your target audience, and target market situation. Wehelp you find this out and align your business strategies accordingly.

Marketing Strategy Development

A marketing strategy is the backbone of any marketing effort. It points you in the direction of what you need to do to make a successful digital marketing effort. Our marketing strategies integrate each marketing channel to work as one, with one goal - conversions.

Training & Consulting Services

Already have an in-house team that struggles to deliver? We can help them adjust their vision with ongoing coaching and consultations. Also, we’ll help them develop a marketing strategy from scratch.

Fractional CMO

We take outsourcing digital marketing to the next level - Fractional CMO. If you need the expertise of a CMO but don’t want to pay for full-time employment, Vrootok is the right choice. We offer full CMO services backed by years of expertise and valuable know-how.


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