Why Google Ads Is the Perfect Opportunity for Every Small Business

In the business world, Google Ads can have a tremendous impact on driving traffic to your site. It also can affect the advertising of your product, acquiring customers, and sales. 19 years ago, Google started offering ads. Since then, it has been continuously connecting customers to businesses online. All this while optimizing the platform to near perfection.

Today, we are used to search on the go for what we want right from our phones. We watch videos on Youtube, and we discover places on Google Maps, just to name a few. When consumers looks for anything from anywhere, they turn to Google.
In all honesty, that’s how Google Ads actually works. People enter their search term, and Google serves them a relevant ad for a particular thing. Imagine the profit being first on the search page when someone searches something related to you!
Let’s go through some of them any business can get from using Google Ads.

Staying Local

If your business is local, appearing in search results outside of your area is irrelevant. With Google Ads, you can target relevant searches based on geography. When potential customers located near you search for anything about your business, you’ll be the first thing they see.

Several tools in Google Ads allow geo targeting. There is geographic location, places of interest targeting, and radius targeting. For local businesses, the most usual choice is radius targeting. With radius targeting, you can pin your business on the map and target people within a radius from it. It’s important to note that the minimum for radius distance is 1 kilometer, which equals to 0.62 miles.

Google Ads Radius Targeting

Get Fast Results

A general advantage of PPC is the short time in which you can get to the top of search results. Those who are familiar with SEO know the difficulty of getting to the top organically. We’ve made an excellent overview of the differences between PPC and SEO in our PPC vs SEO Battle article. It will definitely help you decide the right strategy for you.

Google Ads may not be a silver bullet for digital marketing. Still, you can get your results much faster than any other marketing tactic. With the right know-how, landing pages, and ad copy, PPC is a simple way to start getting some sales.

Google Ads and Flexible Budget

One of the best things is that Google is flexible with the smallest budget for advertising. Google Ads gives users the freedom to spend whatever they like, starting at 1$. Still, that doesn’t mean Google will show your ads. That depends on many factors. Some are the relevancy of your ad, the copy of the ad and the experience of users when they are on your website.

The good thing is that users can always change their budgets. Additionally, they can set other budget-related things. These include:

-Spending the budget throughout the day
-Accelerated spending which will burn through the budget very quickly.

Moreover, the different bidding strategies offer options to spent your budget. If you choose a strategy that focuses on clicks, then you only have to pay for the clicks. You won't pay for the impressions yet still they increase brand awareness and recognition.
We are strongly convinced that with the right campaign optimizations, any budget can be highly effective, regardless of how big or small it is.

The Perfect Timing For Your Ad

Usually, when someone takes the time to do a Google search, they are probably looking for something at that exact moment. This is one of the best features of Google Ads: getting in front of prospects at the exact moment they make a buying decision.

Before the digital era, businesses used to advertise in the yellowpages under a category that is related to their business. This way, their ad were in front of potential customers who were searching for a specific product or service. Essentially, Google Ads is the yellowpages of digital marketing. What makes it different though is that it is much, much better. With Google, you can choose to advertise for keyword that your prospective customers search when they’re looking to buy your product or service. This enables you to capture them right in the moment of their highest conversion intent, and offer your product and/or service as an option, regardless of whether they are familiar with your brand or not.

3 Bakers in a participating in a Google Ads Auction

Track your ROI

With offline marketing, businesses didn’t have a chance to track and measure the return on their investment. Because of this, they didn’t believe much in the value that marketing brings, since, to be honest, it was like shooting in the dark.
Today, with platforms like Google Ads, this issue has taken its place in history. Because it relies on cookies and user tracking, Google Ads has the capability to track and report your ROI to the decimal.

Conversion Tracking” is fairly simple for your web developer to set up. You can even do it by yourself. Once you finish the setup, you’ll be able to track webform submissions, phone calls, e-commerce sales, and even offline sales that were closed via phone calls or in person. Also, the reports will show you exactly which keywords and ads are driving the most sales, allowing you to allocate your budget accordingly and maximize your ROI.

Are there businesses for which Google Ads is less suitable?

There are a few cases in which Google Ads might not be suitable for a business, for example:

- In the case of a new product or service, where there is no market awareness and people aren’t searching for such products or services.

- For businesses with generic products and services, with keywords that can easily get caught up in less relevant searches.

- For businesses with very cheap products which are one-off in nature making the cost of generating a sale with Google Ads exceeding the revenue.

To Wrap Up

Google Ads is definitely one of the most efficient paid online advertising platforms. It's used by thousands of small, medium, and large businesses and organizations.
Size doesn’t matter here. Every business that is advertising online wants to get to the top of the Google search results. There is no easier and less time-consuming way to do that than Google Ads.

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