Announcing Our New Intern: Welcome Maja Novakoska!

At Vrootok, our goal is to provide the best marketing solutions for our clients and help them achieve their full potential in the modern tech society. In order to attain full professionalism and expertise, we are always searching for new members that share our core values in helping our clients reach their full potential in their sector.

Cheers to Maja!

Today, we welcome our new intern Maja Novakoska to the team of Vrootok. She came fresh out of the oven of the Brainster’s Marketpreneurs Academy. As you know from our previous post, we hosted a growth hacking workshop with the students from Brainster, where we discussed some very creative ideas.

That is where we met Maja, who immediately inspired us with her fast understanding of our needs and the simple, but yet effective ideas she provided for our company. After a few conversations, we confirmed that she is just the type of intern we are looking for. She is eager to learn new things and digital tools, but what we liked most about her is her interest in how the whole marketing machinery works. She is also an animal lover and loves tasty food. Always smiling and positive, she is an undoubtedly right choice for our team!

“I am very happy and eager to start working for Vrootok. When I attended their workshop, they made me curious about the way they function and I was very surprised by the passion that their CEO Teodora had for marketing. Also, I was very impressed by their openness to people who want to learn and they don’t spare themselves in making sure that their team members have everything they need in order to grow both professionally and personally. This dedication is even greater for their clients; they care for them and their business as they would for a close friend. Thanks, Vrootok and Teodora for this wonderful opportunity, I am looking forward to our adventures together.’’

Teamwork is important!

Vrootok is always open to curious people that never stop learning. Our motto is – Hire character – train skills! We appreciate the teamwork and initiative because we believe that one whole should be made from lots of different parts.

Of course, we always have activities that empower the team spirit, so every two weeks we have a team building (we take suggestions!). Every employee has his own strengths and weaknesses, the only difference is that they are willing to work on them – and everybody helps! Some of them like social media, others are experts for Google Analytics, while others are the creative force behind the projects.

As our CEO Teodora says:

“ We don’t hire people by their CV’s, but by the enthusiasm, mindset and dedication that they show on their first interview. In our experience so far, rapport is crucial for success. In that manner, we are maintaining meaningful, trustworthy and harmonious relationships with our clients and within the team. We are always keeping one available seat for fresh and creative minds that share our core values for smart work, dedication, and passion for marketing. Maja is one of the people that understand what is our main goal as a company, and we are so proud to have her in our office.”

Always treat your clients as a family!

We choose our employees very carefully because we want to give the clients the best experience possible. Our main goal is our client to feel like they are in business with an old friend that understands their needs, and will take care of every problem they encounter. That is why we believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship. We make special efforts to get to know our clients and keep them posted on a regular basis.

We train our employees to always be on the client’s side, to be active listeners and truly understand what are their needs and goals. And most importantly, they need to be up to date with all the trends in the broad marketing perspective. Vrootok is an agency whose large number of clients are companies that deal with the newest technologies (AI, VR, and Blockchain), but we are not limited when it comes to opening our doors to clients. Our client can be anybody that needs help to get their business in the public eye and needs a strategic approach to marketing.

Our plans for the future are big!

We just moved into our new spacious offices in the city center, which is like our second home filled with knowledge, positive energy, and flowers (yes, we have a little garden). Of course, our team will just get bigger and bigger, smarter and busier. That is why our cooperation with Brainster will continue and we hope that we will get more smart and motivated people to join our team.

If you have any suggestion, need more information, or would like to join our team, please contact us at [email protected]