Vrootok has a new intern: Meet Simona!

Vrootok has many goals, but regarding the ones that concern the employees, we have a very strict rule, we always strive to find enthusiastic young people who love teamwork. Our goal is to find people with potential, take them and help them build that potential that will bring value to them and to our company. We help our employees to find themselves in the part of the Digital marketing world that suits them the most. Digital marketing has many aspects, whether it’s Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media, Reports, Blog posts etc, we will help you grow in one or in every aspect, depends on your effort and wishes. It’s not only tasks and work, we also try to bring a friendly and comfortable environment full of support that will make your growth easier. When we find someone that fits the description we try our best to keep them. We found a diamond in the rough, our new intern Simona. Our newest intern Simona came to the interview and captured us all with her enthusiasm to learn, experience and good spirit. So we surely have to brag about our new addition with a short interview, that will allow you to see why we chose her.

Who is Simona?

Simona's theme song: alt-J - Intro

Simona is a 25-year enthusiast with lots of interests, such as photography, fitness, music and more. She is driven to learn and develop in many fields in our company and is always ready for new tasks. We made a short interview with her, so you can get to know her better!

What are your expectations for this internship?

I am thrilled to be a member of the Vrootok team and first of all, I expect to gain a lot of knowledge in digital marketing. It’s been just a few weeks and I already feel like I learned a lot of things. I expect to have a great time in the office with the companion of my super-friendly colleagues and to grow alongside the company. -Simona

Why digital marketing and why this company?

I finally discovered a job that suits me the most. In marketing, I see the challenge and the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I am happy I chose Vrootok because it is a fast-growing marketing agency with full potential, and a team with young professionals with high expertise and enthusiasm. -Simona

What do you usually do in your free time?

I always strive not to spend my free time on something unproductive. I am always eager to learn something new, so I usually watch online courses. Besides that, I enjoy spending my time out in the sunshine, or wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate while I watch my favourite series. -Simona

Describe one day in Vrootok

Every day in the office is another interesting story. Every day you learn something new and you level up. When you feel like you need a break you can always count on our cat, Milica. She is always there to brighten up your mood with her fluffiness. -Simona

So, in conclusion, we are very happy with the new addition to the team. But, we didn’t upgrade only with one but with 3 new interns that are as amazing as Simona. We decided that each one of them deserves a blog of its own, and last week we published the stories of Ivana and Kiril. We love to see our team grow and develop with new forces. We welcome you to follow our story and grow with us. If you have any suggestion, need more information, or would like to join our team, please contact us at [email protected]