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Understanding Google's Bert: Improve Your SEO

Google is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is used around the world by billions every day. Yup, it's true, we all go to Google for whatever we're searching.

The search engine is fast and easy to use, so in a few seconds, we have various answers we can get information from.

The tricky part isn't finding information, it's when you're in the role of providing the needed information while keeping the website on Google's first page.

That takes SEO practice, expert knowledge, and patience. If you keep up with Google's updates there is much more you could achieve with the world's best search engine.

Google is known for the updates to its core algorithm and other minor updates every year. In October 2019, they rolled-out BERT.

So, what makes this update different from all the rest?
Read this blog post to find out more.

Ranking on Google

Have you ever questioned how some websites end up on the first page on Google? And why is your website in a galaxy far, far away?

Well, this doesn't just happen overnight and with a magic wand, and no, you don't need to have friends that work at Google.

There are actual techniques that can help you get to the first page. The exciting art of ranking in Google is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and people who know how to do it well, can help you with your site. Why?
Because the higher you rank, the more people will click on your site. You know the saying ' If it's not on Google's first page, it doesn't exist.'

That can be somewhat true because people are generally too lazy to switch pages. They are more likely to switch the keyword they used for searching, rather than scroll through other pages in Google.

With proper SEO your website can rank higher.

Contact us and schedule a free consultation if you want to find out more about how SEO can help your website.

SEO is a form of internet marketing that's effective and stable once set up, and in the long run, it can be far less expensive than constantly pushing for Google Ads, for example.

For blogging purposes, SEO is the most effective strategy to grow an audience and to market products or services.

You need to start from the beginning because it takes time to build authority with Google and. More importantly, SEO will affect your entire site structure and how you write your posts!

SEO can be so much fun once you know how it works, and especially once you start seeing results! So give it some time, apply What is Google Bert and How does it work?

What is Google Bert and How does it work?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Woah, that sounds like a title from a Transformers movie! Don't panic!

Even if it sounds complex, all you need to know is that it's Google's approach to adequately understand the more accurate details of the natural language that we use.

Before BERT was launched as part of Google's main algorithm, it was introduced as an open-sourced neural network.

This meant that anyone with a technical background could use the code to prepare their question answering system.

So, how does BERT work now?

Before the updates, Google hasn't always been famous for its understanding of complicated or conversational searches.

People's queries aren't always clear in the question form. Sometimes they type various words next to each other which is hard for Google to realize what they're asking.

This aspect is known in Google as 'keyword-ese', and it's something Google has made efforts to duck.
Through machine learning and natural language processing, BERT scans and processes the full meaning of a word from a query. Then, it analyzes the words that come before and after it, rather than just concentrating on one word at a time.

Before BERT, Google couldn't understand the full queries and wasn't able to fully connect the context using various prepositions. So, sometimes it would show results which weren't what the person expected.

For example, for the keyword '2020 Serbia explorer to Ireland need a visa' the preposition 'to' is necessary. It shows that the person wants to visit Ireland from Serbia. Even though it's not fully grammatically correct, Google will still show relevant information, thanks to BERT.

Ranking on Google

Google’s Updates and Their Effect on Ranking

Google's main search algorithm is named Google Hummingbird, and it is capable of determining how to order and rank search engine results.

You may already know Google's machine-learning search engine sub-algorithm called RankBrain. Here's how it works.

If the sub-algorithm RankBrain sees a term or an expression that it doesn't understand, it uses AI (artificial intelligence) to learn it better by comparing it to similar search queries.

This process of correlation between queries allows Google to recognize them by transforming keywords into known issues and ideas, indicating it can produce better search engine results, even when queries have grammatical errors, are missing a word in-between or are unusual.

With Rank-Brain, the users get the return of the result that they expect.
A good SEO strategy means optimizing your website to improve UX (user experiences) and content and trying to get the most out of the RankBrain ranking factor.

What is Keyword Matching and Keyword Intent Matching?

Deciding what makes relevant and qualified content for the first pages of the SERPs has been Google's focus for years.

BERT is just an update that connects with Hummingbird's main idea. To better understand what the keywords mean and how they are related to certain types of content.

With RankBrain, Google focused on the user-intent behind their queries and on providing the most user-needed results. Keyword intent matching is fast becoming one of the most significant features of modern SEO.

With RankBrain, Google focused on the user-intent behind their queries and on providing the most user-needed results

BERT and RankBrain

So, why was BERT needed when RankBrain excels at understanding the user-intent?
Well, the main difference is that RankBrain couldn't focus on the finer nuances of natural language. That's where BERT steps in!

BERT just completes RankBrain in a way that it's thinking about keyword intent matching, rather than just keyword matching. This is what makes Google top-notch when it comes to getting awesome organic results when searching for something.

And when it comes to what type of content you should be serving your audience, read our blog post about the 6 SEO Trends for 2020. It's a blog post about SEO After BERT.

Wrapping Things Up

Always use the White Hat approach and follow Google's rules and policies. With real, white hat SEO you can't rank very quickly, but it's effective in the long run.

Hiring experts to handle your SEO is better than putting your business at a significant risk of getting penalized or de-indexed by Google.

You need to understand that every update Google makes is for better user experience and a better understanding of people's search habits. Google's core updates don't have major effects on sites that have a white hat approach and do their SEO like they're supposed to.

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