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A great online marketing strategy requires dedication, resources, and most importantly, time to develop. The margin for error is zero. By using our training and consulting services, you’ll get a direction for everything you ought to do to succeed in the marketing world. This means:

  • You’ll be able to rely on your marketing team
  • Your marketing strategies will be as effective as possible
  • Your marketing staff will be given a direction according to their skillset
  • You won’t have to waste your time supervising the effectiveness your team

Benefits of Our Training and Consulting

Having a marketing team that knows what to do is essential if you want your marketing efforts to be successful. So, the benefits of our training and consulting services are:

Have an Up-To-Date Team

We follow each fluctuation in the marketing world that would give us even a slight advantage over our competition. We are more than willing to share practices that have worked for us.

Make Your Team Competitive

Your team will get the know-how on how to plan, design, and implement a multi-channel marketing strategy. This will consolidate all your marketing efforts toward one goal – improving your brand awareness and business growth.

Highly Specialized Experts

Having a team of Jacks of all Trades is not very good. Everyone has a strong side, but many weak sides. We’ll help your employees find their calling, and give them the skill set to become experts in the field they love.

Increased Effectiveness

At the end of the day, you want your team to earn their paycheck. They want that too. Our training and consulting services will make each individual efficient, proactive, and happy at what they do.

Training and Consulting Services We Offer

You can opt in for the following services:

Training Sessions

We will hold training sessions to prepare your team for sailing the turbulent marketing waters. We’ll start from the basics and work our way up to the most complicated tasks possible. Each training program is tailored specifically for your business.

Coaching Sessions

We’ll coach and mentor the talent in your company. This will hone their skills and will direct them in the areas you want them to become experts in. This will prepare them to work on their positions and will give them the know-how for any advanced tasks that come with the job.

Live Consultations

We’ll dive deep into your current marketing efforts and point out what works and what doesn’t. Then, we’ll get to the bottom of it by addressing specific, relevant topics. The result will be a major improvement. If your team is stuck or they don’t want to risk passing a certain hurdle, we’ll help. We can hold both one-on-one and team consultations and guidance to point them in the right direction.


Should you prefer, instead of live consultations, we can host webinars from your team. The effort is the same as with consultations, but it allows a more interactive environment for your team, and you can always replay a webinar in case you missed something.

Our Training and Consulting Process

Here's how we do our training and consultation:

1. Idea

Depending on the type of training you choose, we brainstorm ideas on how to relay the information in the best possible way

2. Planning

We plan our training and consulting sessions, what they’ll include, and what will be the goal

3. Create

We tailor specific training and coaching material that matches your business and workflow

4. Success

Your staff emerges with expertise that prepares them for any marketing challenge

Best Combined With

Training and consulting combines with the following services we offer:

Strategy Development

Knowing how to develop a proper marketing strategy is paramount for a successful marketing effort.

Data Analysis

Knowing how to analyze data to turn soft data into hard data is a must. If you can’t do this, you’ll be forced your marketing efforts on predictions, and not numbers.

Market Research

Before any marketing effort, you need to know the direction you need to go in. And, this soft data will pave the way of your soon-to-be created marketing efforts.

Fractional CMO

Vrootok's CEO has years of chief marketing officer experience. She can teach your marketing managers how to manage their teams, and how to get the best out of each member of the team.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We care what our customers think of us.

We have come across many so-called "consultants" in our venture, but the team at Vrootok are true marketing professionals. Simply put, they deliver. They come to each and every meeting prepared. It's evident that they have done their homework and research prior to each engagement. We especially liked their no-nonsense approach. You can expect them to be candid and straightforward--qualities that are critical if you want results.

Kyle Wu - eKare

Kyle Wu

CMO at eKare Inc
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