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The Great Rise Of Social Media Stories

We basically live on social media. For sure you couldn’t help to notice that all of the platforms we use are implementing stories. We know that some are more popular than others but let’s roll out how it all started.

Back in 2013, when Snapchat took over social media it made it clear that the game was about to change. At the time, Snapchat created a unique story feature. It is ephemeral content that anyone can see but only for a limited period of time and after 24 hours, the post would disappear. 

It was an absorbing feature and something that the users “have never seen before”. Everybody wanted to participate and users all over the world got crazy about it. It was a great it among Snapchat users, especially the Z-generation and the Millennials. So, brands took advantage of the novelty and got a new way of sharing their updates with their consumers.

Stories Takeover

Instagram and Facebook Were The First Ones To Follow The Trend

Once the social media platforms have seen the success of Snapchat, they didn’t leave anything to the odds. Instagram was the first platform that launched a nearly identical feature like the Snapchat stories. In 2016 “Instagram Stories” was launched and Instagram users can share photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours ever since.

After that moment it was clear that the rise of social media stories is about to take over. Not wanting to stand behind, Facebook adopted stories for its own platform as well. Shortly after it rolled out on the Messenger Stories. Facebook didn’t want to wait anymore. So it immediately implemented the feature into WhatsApp as well. But this time under the concept of “WhatsApp Status”.

The Stories Takeover

LinkedIn And Twitter Now Have Their Own Types Of Stories

This year, LinkedIn has finally followed this new form of sharing content. The LinkedIn Stories are available for some time now and people and businesses are starting to use them. Even though it was not common sense to post ephemeral content on a business platform, brands are taking the advantage of every single feature that social platforms are offering.

Twitter was the first of them all to use hashtags. Once people started using hashtags outside of the tweets it was a really big deal. The hashtags became universal results. Now is the time for Twitter to adopt something universal from other platforms. Officially, Twitter has its stories – Twitter Fleets. But Twitter sticks to its originality and keeps the limit of 280 characters even in the ephemerals. 

The Video Platforms Do Not Stay Back In The Game

Maybe you could never think of a story on YouTube, but here they are. YouTube has its own stories that, expectedly, are short videos. These stories are a little bit different than the others. The difference is that they last for 7 days. You can watch them on your Subscription page or your homepage. We know what when through your mind – If you can download YouTube Stories? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The stories are not linked to a URL or a file that will let you download it. So, just enjoy them.

This December, Spotify announced that among other features it will launch stories as well. The company started announcing the stories last year when it allowed Storylines. The Storylines allowed influencers to post ephemeral content to introduce their playlists. Spotify is introducing “Story Of Your 2020”, showing your top song from the year.

It is more than clear that the stories made their take over social media.

Why Do Stories Work?

We can agree that the modern social web is a place of impermanence. Posting in the fixed feed is passé and the way is given to the ephemeral content. So what is the key that makes the Story format work?

First of all, it is easy. The content that users put through this feature doesn’t require bold production. It is a real-time moment. That makes stories “user-friendly”, so the users can share their experience at the very same moment that is happening. Also, stories are fun and experimental and allow users to go a little bit off-the-cuff.

Stories can be accessed in an instance for a quick and engaging look at the moments of the day of your friends and favorite brands. That makes stories very consumable. It somehow gets users feeling that they are closer to the ones that share the stories. It gets a feeling that the user is allowed to see that special little moment. And who doesn’t want to feel special?

The ultimate experience that the carousel type gives was also a game-changer. The left-to-right scrolling changed the traditional up-and-down scrolling that is typical for the newsfeed, websites, blog posts, and almost everything on the web. 

The best thing is that stories keep the content together. You won’t have to look back and forth like in the news feed – it is all together in the stories.

The Evolution Of The Stories' Features

Take Advantage Of The Stories

It is clear that stories are popular among the users, but are they useful for brands? Absolutely yes!

Stories happened to be very brand-friendly. Most of the brands are already using stories as part of their digital marketing arsenal. And the experience says that it has shown as a great practice. Instagram is already making shoppable stories available. And it is not stopping there, but it is about to make them even better regarding the experience.

Besides the commercial aspect, stories allow brands to share content that the users actually care about. Brands can serve their product and company updates through stories in a very easy-to-digest way. You can put a fun moment in your story updates to make your brand closer to the users. This is especially if you are trying to reach the Z-Generation audience and the Millennials. Let your imagination and creativity drive you through this. Stories are beautiful because they are experimental and it’s hard to go wrong with them.

What “Story” The Future Holds?

No one can tell what the future holds for sure. But from what we have seen in the past years, we are saying that it is a safe bet that stories will just tend to grow in popularity across social media platforms. 

No matter if your brand is focused on B2C or B2B marketing, you will want to take advantage of this way of advertising. These days, more than any other social media functionalities, stories are building a strong and engaging brand. Right at this moment, all the signs are pointing in the “Story” direction. Don’t get lost in the way!

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