The Best Tips for Increasing Your Organic Reach on Social Media

When we usually have a conversation about social media reach, the first platform that comes up is Facebook. Also, it’s the platform that comes up when discussing the decline of organic reach on social media.
It’s no secret that everywhere you look, no matter if it’s Twitter or LinkedIn, you can notice that organic reach is plummeting. In this article, we are going to present to you new ways to go around this paralysis and excel the organic reach of your social media.

The One and Only - Facebook

The best way to increase the organic reach of your Facebook page is to flirt with the Facebook algorithm. That way you'll get your posts right at the top of your followers’ News Feed. However, there is another way to make sure your followers see everything you post without the algorithm’s help!

On your Facebook page, there’s setting that if your followers select, they'll see everything that you post. So, our tip for you is to mention this to your followers in the copy of a major piece of content like a hit article or video. If they enjoyed your post, most likely they’ll gladly follow your Page more closely. To make sure that they are able to execute the job, include the steps that they need to take for prioritizing your posts in their News Feed.

The first step is to select the Following menu at the top of your page. The second step is to click the Edit icon, placed next to the Following options to choose what they see from your page. The ideal scenario is your audience to select See First In the News Feed tab to make sure your new posts always show up at the top of their Feed.
Also, in the Notification tab, they can choose to select Highlights if they only want to be notified about your top posts. f we are dealing with a superfan - Standard, which will notify them whenever you post something. By including this call to action in your copy, the increase in your organic reach is inevitable. Once those settings get changed, you’ll have a core group of people who always see your posts and regularly engage with them.

User Generated Content

Let’s begin with an interesting fact about user generated content. User generated content that involves some brand, on average has almost 7 times more engagement than brand generated content shared by users. Let's say there is a user who creates content that features your brand. You can expect that their friends will see that as a major trust signal. As expected, people are more interested in content created by their friends and family than branded messages. So, you can expect more engagement and as we mentioned earlier, more engagement means higher organic reach.
The lesson here is that it’s much better for your Page to share content from users than for users to share content from your Page! To get your audience excited about making UGC that involves your brand, you can try one of these ideas:
- You can always start a branded hashtag! Designed for this kind of campaign so customers can connect their content with your brand and get inspired by other posts.
- You can invite customers to write a review of your product or service on Facebook. Choose the best ones and share them.
- Launch a UGC contest asking users to post a video or photo related to your brand and get a chance to win a prize (or to be featured on your page).

Read more about UGC in our article about The Latest Content Marketing Trends.

High Quality Images and Videos

With visually appealing content is easier to stand out in people’s increasingly crowded News Feeds. According to a study, over 60% of marketers believe that visual content is crucial for their social media strategy. Posts that acquire more engagements get shifted in users feed, giving them more reach as well. For that reason visual content it’s so important to improve the reach of your Facebook posts. However, you can’t just post anything to Facebook. With low-quality images and videos, you could harm the reputation of your brand and it could make you look unprofessional. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make visual content just because you don’t have a professional photographer in your company. Even a smartphone camera can lend your images and videos a casual look and help them fit in with other personal content in people’s News Feeds. With that said, make sure your lighting is good, your audio is audible and your shots are focused.

Go Live!

The best way to create a genuine sense of community is definitely through Live video. The key point is the comments section. Everyone is sharing the same viewing experience at the same time so they all have a common touchpoint to connect over. Facebook is aware of this since they stated that live videos get six times as many interactions as regular video content. And with Facebook’s algorithm preferring more “meaningful interactions”, the benefit is obvious.

Boost your organic reach with Facebook Live


Instagram it’s an indispensable platform for every digital marketer. More than 50% of all Instagram users follow brands profiles, and of course, this number is expected to grow in the future. The important question is how to increase your reach on Instagram?

Instagram Tailored Content

If the posts on your Instagram are the same as your posts on other platforms, people will start tuning out of your posts. This is a pretty hard hit for your organic reach on Instagram. Keep things fresh with content specifically created for Instagram. You can find yourself in a situation where you must post the same picture or video on more platforms. If you must reuse visual content, make sure to write a separate caption for Instagram. To show something different for people to check out if they’ve already seen the same picture or video.

Create Transparency With Stories

Users are drawn to personable brands that they can identify with. With Instagram Stories your followers will get a more personal look at your business. Since Stories are up only for 24 hours, they’re a great channel for presenting a more casual side of your business. Feel free to get creative with Instagram Stories, because people use it mainly for and entertainment. And Stories are a great way to deliver just that!

Organic reach on Social Media

To Wrap Up

In 2019, organic reach for brands is like water in the desert. It’s essential but it’s hard to get. The secret for organic social media reach is the same as the secret for ranking well on search engines. It’s all about optimization, high-quality content and user experience. If you start thinking about social media efforts in the same way you think about your SEO work, you’ll see the pieces fall into place. Also, there are probably many more ways in which you can boost your organic reach.

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