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The Benefits of Google My Business 


Every day billions of people search for something on Google engine - nearest shops, restaurants, products, services, and so much more. So, being able to be found on Google is a must! One way to do so even without having a website is through Google My Business!


What is Google My Business? 


Google My Business is an essential tool that every business should consider implementing. It’s a free Google tool that allows businesses to show on Google Search and Google Maps. This tool is a great way to present your business online when you’re just starting out and still don’t have a website or active social media profiles. Google My Business helps you become more visible to potential customers searching for your business's type of products and services. 


google my business


Since a large percentage of the population use Google as their search engine, many people are your potential clients. The more visible you are, and the more often your company shows up in search results, the better the chance for people to find about you and draw their attention to your business.


What are the benefits of Google My Business? 

With today’s rapid technological growth and online presence bigger than ever, why not use every possible channel to promote your business online? In research done by Search Engine Watch, the results revealed that 50% of mobile users who use phones for local searches end up visiting a store! Because almost everyone uses a mobile phone, it’s clear that your potential sales online are enormous. 


So how can your business benefit from using Google My Business?


       1. It allows you to appear on Google Maps

When people search for products or services provided by local businesses, a group of three listings appears in response to those search queries. These three listings are known as Local Pack! The Local Pack it’s the first thing you’re going to see after you type your query. It’s important to verify and constantly update the information on Google My Business with relevant content since GMB is the biggest determining factor for showing your business in the Local Pack. 


local pack


      2. Customers can write reviews

We are all familiar with the power of a good review! Online reviews are taught to take part in how search engines rank results so having positive reviews about your business is a must. Another thing to note is that many people rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Reviews are honest and raw thoughts of people who have purchased from you or have used your services. In research done by Shopify, results show that reviews might influence almost 93% of customers


reviews on google my business


Since people love reading reviews and are engaging with them, online reviews in GMB might even improve your local SEO and get your business ranked higher in the search results! 


However, not all reviews will be positive! You should take care of negative reviews in a professional matter! You should use them to improve your products and services for the better! At the end of the day, having reviews means that people are thinking about your business! 


      3. It provides helpful insights

Google My Business not only increases your brand visibility, but it also offers some powerful insights about your customers. It shows the number of times that your photos, profile, or posts are being viewed. You can also understand where your customers come from and how did they find out about your business. You get insights into what queries your customers input to know what keywords are relevant to you. GMB also gives you information about audience engagement and demographics. Lastly, it shows the number of clicks on your website link. 


Having all this information is important and can help you create better and more powerful strategies. 


      4. Easy-to-use free tool

Setting up and verifying your business account can be done in a couple of hours. There are even tools that can get you instantly verified. Plus, it’s free, so it’s really affordable for startups and small businesses. 


      5. You can reply to messages directly from the app

GMB offers a free messaging tool that allows your customers to get in touch with you in real-time! This means that potential customers can contact you directly from your listing without going to your website! All you have to do is navigate your profile, go to Messages and turn your messages on!  


Using GMB messages is a great way to elevate customer service and respond quickly. It’s a chance to get personal with your customers and introduce yourself one-on-one. A perfect way to do so is to send welcome messages that show right after the customer clicks on the message button. 


welcome message


It would help if you tried to respond in the first 24 hours, or Google will remove the message button from your listing. Best practices for GMB messages are keeping them short, succinct, sharing photos, responding quickly, and even taking the conversation off Google My Business if some of the answers require personal information. 


      6. Increase traffic and brand visibility

Companies are more likely to attract website visitors by having a Google My Business listing. This leads to increased traffic and sales! However, you should optimize your website because you don’t want to lose potential customers due to slow page load. 


Last but not least, Google My Business increases your brand visibility! When you search for a product or service online, the first thing that shows is Google Ads, then the Local three Pack, and lastly, organic results. You want to be shown in the Local Pack, and you can accomplish that by creating a Google My Business listing! As we mentioned before, you should update and verify your information to increase the chances of showing up in the Local Pack.  


Google My Business makes it easy for startups and local businesses to promote their products and services online without having a website and social media profiles. Its features increase brand visibility and improve businesses’ chances of showing up in search results. It can help potential customers to quickly find and contact you right after they type the search query. 


GMB is a free tool that you can use to improve your online presence, connect with your customers, and ultimately increase your business’s revenue.


Vrootok is here to help you manage your online presence more quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today to learn what we can do for you!

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