Team Updates Alert: Introducing Our New Intern Elena

When it comes to our employees at Vrootok, we have a very strict rule - always striving to find ambitious young people who love teamwork.

By helping our employees find themselves in the right niche of the digital marketing world, we do valuable and creative work for our clients.

Elena is our newest digital marketing enthusiast. She fascinated us all with her eagerness to learn, experience and improve in every aspect. So, we surely have to brag about her with a short interview.

Read up and see for yourself why she's part of the Vrootok team!

Hi Elena, you have been part of the Vrootok family for a week now. Can you tell me your first impressions?

Yes, I’m the latest addition to the team. My first impression was the great atmosphere in the office. The whole team is very work-focused, but at the same time casual and friendly. Also, there is an opportunity for personal growth, by being part of a productive workplace and by communicating with experienced people.

What made you choose the digital marketing world and Vrootok in general?

The digital world for me is the most exciting place to be, and technology, in general, is an ever-growing and ever-changing field of work.

Digital marketing is where I personally “clicked”, with my previous experience and things that excite me. Vrootok is a company that represents all that digital marketing stands for, not only here but on a global level.

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself, what does Elena do outside of the office and how does she spend her free time? Any interesting hobbies we don't know about?

Well, I like to read and learn in my free time as well. It’s often that I find new and interesting topics I want to know more about. Also, I enjoy movies, TV-shows and I’m a big sci-fi fan.

I love spending time with my family whenever possible and a fun fact, I like 80s music.

Can you tell me a song that you think describes you in some way?

On the top of my head - the song "Hey Jude" by The Beatles.

Oh, do you have a pet? And how does a day at Vrootok look like with Milica, our famously known office cat?

Unfortunately no, but I plan to have one in the future. Having an office pet is a great thing, Milica always cheers me up even when she's grumpy. 😾

Last but not least, what are you expecting of this internship?

I expect to upgrade my knowledge, but also to learn new things and techniques for becoming a successful digital marketer. Also, to join the Vrootok team and help in building an even more impressive company portfolio.

Welcome to the Vrootok family!

We are more than happy with the newest addition to the team! Allowing fresh and bright minds to gain invaluable skills will continue to be part of Vrootok's mission.

As the company grows, our need for young potentials grows as well. So, if you are ambitious and aim for success in your life, don’t hesitate to apply and be our next team member.

If you need more information or would like to join us, please contact us at [email protected].