Social Media

Social Media

Starting with the immense popularity Facebook gained over the past decade, up to the new AI, AR and VR social media platforms appearing on a daily basis, the social networks are currently one of the top spots for promoting your brand and products. This comes as no surprise, having in mind that a large portion of the world’s population has at least one profile on a social network.

All these networks bring your audience together and enable you to speak directly to them. The reason consumers like the brands’ pages on social networks is because they can get in touch with the companies easier and share their opinions and complaints. This means that the brands need to constantly be prompt, open and responsive to their current and potential clients.

Let us be your voice, to establish and nurture social media relations!

Platforms integration

We analyze and select the social media platforms that your brand’s audience prefers and create and maintain your social media presence.  

Unique and Engaging Content

Compelling content in every form, tailored to your brand’s tone of voice.

Analysis and Optimization

Constantly checking the progress and the campaigns’ updates, and optimize them in accordance to the demands of the audience and the market.

Services we provide:

Social Media Analysis

Establishing on what social media platforms your audience is mostly present; building and maintaining your company, brand and products’ presence there.


Regular reports for the organic and paid performance of your campaigns, on all social networks.

Social Media Strategy

Creating your company’s voice and constantly updating your social media marketing tactics, in accordance to the analytics reports.

Content Calendar Development

Plan of activities and posts for every profile, on each social network.

Paid Advertising

Managing paid and sponsored ads; getting the most of the available budget.


Constantly tracking the impressions and the type of audience that engages with your brand; remarketing relevant content to them.

Growth Hacking

Increasing the fans/followers base of your profiles.

A/B Testing

Optimizing the best options for promoting your brand and increasing the potential engagement.