Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations can do wonders for your brand. Every word that comes from your brand can be considered public relations, therefore all PR efforts should be approached carefully.

In the era of digital marketing and social media dominance, the traditional media still remains one of the most relevant sources of information, and consumers turn to them as an authority for information in making purchase decisions. Additionally, the placements in the traditional media can reach the audiences that are not users of the digital and social media. And we know just the way to do that.

Increasing your clients' base

Reach out to more clients and associates by being more visible in the media.

Increasing your credibility and relevance

Become an opinion-maker and let your voice be something both the clients and the industry leaders can trust.

Improving your SEO

Jump up in the search engines, by being constantly present in relevant media.

Services we provide:

Media Communication

Establishing a link between your organization and the relevant media; nurturing these relationships.

Press Releases

Creating content for the media regarding all the important milestones of your company, employees, brand, and products.

Media Placement

Forwarding the important information about your business to the media, through articles or ads.


Introducing your story to the audience, by facilitating an interview with a person representing your business.

PR Analysis

Analysis of your previous PR efforts and campaigns, as well as your competitors’ PR efforts; analyzing the media landscape and the opportunities it offers.

Media Environment Analysis

An insight into the current conditions in the various types of media and assessing which ones are the most cost-effective and relevant solutions for promoting your business and brand.

PR Strategy

A plan to act in terms of communication with the media and the broad/targeted audiences.