Market Research & Analytics

Market Research & Analytics

We are aware that a good analysis is the key to the planning and creation of a flawless marketing strategy. Therefore, we have prepared a set of tools and tactics in order to analyze and research your market, your customers and propose the most effective marketing strategies and tactics for your company.

Each of our analysis is tailor-made, and in accordance to the need of each company. We at Vrootok stand behind our procedures for discovering and obtaining relevant data from various sources. An initial analysis is made before the strategy is created, and it is being upgraded in every step of the implementation of our digital marketing strategy, based on the market changes and activity flows.

Insights that lead to effective decisions

Before making any step, we want to make sure that it will bring tangible results to your company.

Regular Optimization

Analyzing data regularly results in prompt campaign optimization.

Specified audience reach

Reaching out to your target audience and their preferences, in order to provide them with what they want and need.

Services we provide

Marketing Assessment

Analyzing your position on the market and your previous marketing efforts.

Competition Analysis

Analysis of competitors in terms of public opinion, preference of the audience, marketing campaigns, and brand value.

Market Analysis & Research

Assessing the current situation on your market.

Google Analytics

Tracking your website and campaigns for optimization and better performance.

SEO Analytics

Checking SEO compatibility of your content.


Researching the public opinion about your brand, vs. the competitors’ brands.

Marketing Automation Analytics

Insights about the success of your campaigns and optimization for further steps.

Content Assets Analytics

Analyzing the performance of your newsletters, white papers, ebooks, etc.

Sales Analytics

ROI analysis of your online store.

Brand Audit

Assessing your brand’s value, compared to your competition and the market conditions.