Google Marketing

Google Marketing

Google remains the world’s leading advertiser, with hundreds of thousands partnering websites around the Internet. Through creating a tailor-made budget, proper content and calls to action, as well as targeting the right audiences, we can make sure that your voice is heard – through the biggest advertising network on the planet. Google offers a vast array of both free and paid promotion tools, and our team is here to turn them into the perfect addition for your marketing promotion.

Building & Increasing Brand Awareness

Building your brand presence on Google and its partnering networks and websites.

Consistent Performance Measurement

Detailed insights into your campaign performance.


Get back in touch with customers who visited your page and sell more.

Services we provide:

Google Ads: Search Network

Be the top choice for people searching on Google for products and services like yours.

Google Ads: Display Network

Have your visual content appearing across hundreds of thousands of websites on the world wide web.

Google Ads: Video ads

Promotion of your brand’s videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Google Ads: Mobile Ads

Integrating your ads onto mobile platforms and apps.

Google My Business

Creating and maintaining your business listings on Google.

Google Tag Manager

Endless possibilities in collecting data about your brand, and reporting in combination with Google Analytics data.

Googlе Shopping

Creating your products and services feed on Google Merchant Center and promoting them via Google Ads.

Google Analytics

Have an insight into the performance of your websites and online campaigns.