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Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay for a position in search engine results?
You can do this by using pay per click services (PPC).
What’s PPC?
It’s a type of digital marketing that uses search engines to generate clicks to a website. It has nothing to do with organic ranking; it’s rather a shortcut to the first page of search engine results.
With PPC, you can:
  • Target specific audiences, down to location and marital status
  • Build quality leads
  • Get fast results – you start getting clicks as soon as you set up a PPC campaign
  • Stop suffering from algorithm changes that affect SEO

Benefits of Using Our Pay Per Click Services

We provide an ongoing process of setting up and optimizing your PPC campaigns. Benefits include:

Targeting the Right Audience

We pay great attention to detail when it comes to search intent. We go through each keyword to find what the audience wants when they enter it in Google or Bing.

Instant Lead Generation at Low Cost

Setting up the right campaign can lead to lower costs and quality lead generation.

Different than SEO

Unlike search engine optimization, which requires time to produce results, PPC results are instant.

Lots of KPIS

Besides serving for ad placement, PPC is much more than that. It gives valuable data into your audience’s behavior and interests.

Pay Per Click Services We Offer

You can choose from the following:

Google AdWords (Ads) and Bing Ads Set-Up

We will set up the accounts for both Google and Bing. Then, we will install the necessary tracking codes on your site for both platforms.

Lead Generation Campaigns

If you are new to the market, want to place a new product, or want to expand your audience, lead generation campaigns are the best choice. We’ll create campaigns that focus on people that have shown interest in your industry. Then, with the help of other channels, we’ll help you build trust with them.

Sales Campaigns

These campaigns would be specifically designed to capture people that are in the final step of the conversion funnel. With the right ad, you can give that final push that will help them make a purchase.

GDN Campaigns

Pay per click isn’t only showing ads on the Google search network. With PPC, you can use Google’s and Bing’s partnered sites to show display ads. These ads can contain a picture or a video. They are a great way to build leads that are browsing sites that are in your niche or videos related to your industry. Also, display ads are great for remarketing.

Our Pay Per Click Process

Our PPC process, from idea to success, looks like this:

1. Idea

We research the market, target audience, and competitors

2. Planning

We create a strategy that will build a target audience funnel or improve an existing one

3. Create

We create lists of keywords, target audience preferences, sites, and YouTube profiles that are in your niche. We start buying ad space.

4. Success

The PPC campaigns bring the desired type of audience on the desired targeted location and/or product.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We care what our customers think of us.

Teo and her team went above and beyond to make sure our product was seen to the right people and at the right places. If you're looking for a marketing team to completely handle your marketing channels this is the team for you.

Jolaoluwa Oni

Owner of LureAR
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