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Microsoft’s New Analytics Tool: What Is Microsoft Clarity?

Everybody in the digital world is going crazy about the new analytics tool that Microsoft launched. And for a reason! On October 28th, Microsoft announced that its newest tool Clarity is out of beta and ready to use! The project was firstly launched in 2018 as a beta version and now it’s officially here.

For every website or marketing manager, it is extremely important to know how their website is performing. On every website, a few problems can happen. Whether the visitors can’t find what they are looking for or whether the navigation within the website is not logical. It is important to spot performance problems and solve them. It is important to have data that helps you track these issues. And if you can have a visual representation of it – even better! The new Microsoft Clarity tool offers you these and many more impacts. Everything to help you understand and improve your website and your business.

What Is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool. It has some features which make it stand out from other analytics tools. It is designed to help to understand visitor behavior on their sites.

The product is very suitable for everyone who finds website traffic important. Marketing managers and website owners will find this tool helpful to track and understand the user’s behavior. It is user-friendly, so even non-technical people can use it. It completes the palette of digital marketing and advertising tools.

What Are the Main Features of Microsoft Clarity?

Clarity provides features that are new to the digital world, but yet is a very simple tool. If you want to know what does Microsoft clarity measure, it can be pointed out that these three core features are the ones that made Clarity exceptional and extremely user-friendly:

1. Heatmaps

The Clarity heat map offers a visual representation of how the users interact with your page. The data-driven report is very understandable. It helps you to make justified design and improvement decisions. Marked with different colors, you can spot the areas with the highest frequency of clicks.

The heatmaps come in two forms:

  • Click maps – They help you understand which content on your web page visitors are interacting with most. And helps you find out which content they find most relevant and interesting.
  • Scroll maps – These show you whether the users are seeing the content they are looking for and the one you want them to see.

Screenshot of Microsoft Clarity Heatmap

2. Insights Dashboard

The Clarity Insights Dashboard provides an overview of the traffic on your website. By giving you aggregate metrics, it helps you understand the overall behavior on the website.

You will be able to know how many times the users scrolled up and down through the page. And also whether they found the content they were looking for or not. The dashboard will give you statistics. By implying several filters, you can customize your report to suit your needs. Following these user-friendly reports, you can easily make decisions for modifying your website when necessary.

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard Representing the Metrics from the Report

3. Session-replay

With Session-reply you can watch every session that your users had. Every recording has some metadata in it that provide information such as the number of pages viewed, the user’s location, the operating system, browser, and other session data.

The filtering mechanism helps you to make more granular reports. There are many different KPIs you can set to your recording session report. It helps to get a clearer picture of the users’ behavior.

You can put in place some KPIs that can provide you with useful information, like:

  • Rage clicks – These clicks show elements where users click multiple times in a session.
  • Dead clicks – These show you how many non-existing links the users clicked on.
  • Quick Backs – This provides you the information of the sessions where the users clicked on a new page and immediately returned to the previous one.

Depending on what your goals are, apply the most suitable filters, and get the report you need. This kind of visual report will help you decide what changes you should make to improve your user experience and the UI as well.

What Are the Advantages of Microsoft Clarity?

Every SEO strategy has its goals. Attracting visitors is the main one. After that, you are about to engage them by providing relevant content for them. If users can’t find what they are looking for on your website, they won’t return. You can’t be sure where your problem is and it is good to have a tool that will help you find out the right spots. Using Microsoft Clarity you will be able to find out whether the users find your website useful and interesting or not.

It is common sense that the slow speed range is one of the factors that may drive your users out of your page. Clarity is designed in a way that has a very low impact on the site’s speed. By using asynchronous loading its code is executed only once – when the page is loaded. We can point out that using this tool won’t affect the loading speed. Thus the user experience will remain almost untouched.

Microsoft Clarity values privacy and takes it very seriously, as in all recordings even dates and numbers are obfuscated and not recorded. Personally, identifiable information is not tracked by the software. You remain the controller of it and it is up to you to remove it if needed.

Is Microsoft Clarity Free?

Yes, sure it is! Clarity is a free-to-use analytics product built to help marketing managers to understand better the performance of their website. The set of tools keeps the marketing managers well informed about the users’ behavior and helps them bring data-based and relevant changes in the decision-making process.

You can try it out right now – free of charge. We highly recommend it, since it is very user-friendly.

How Do You Connect Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is designed to be both – powerful and easy to use. Therefore, its implementation of your website is also an easy process. First of all, you have to sign up. Then, there is an onboarding process in which you will get your tracking code.

If you have an IT team or a web developer that takes care of your website, pass this tracking code to them and they will place it in the template’s section. If you decide to do it yourself and you know how to do it, place it as an HTML tag in the Google Tag Manager.

Summing Everything up

Clarity, the new set of tools that Microsoft launched the past month seems like the future of analytics. Website and marketing managers all over the world will love this tool since it will make their lives so much easier.

The unique features will help managers understand the behavior of the site’s visitors. They can easily know whether the web site’s performance is poor and can easily debug and improve the overall user experience. Having these types of insights is a real life-saver and you should take advantage of them in the best possible way.

We can say that Clarity will help you to improve your overall website, its design, and performance in order to get more traffic while growing your business digitally.

It seems that Microsoft will launch new features that will complete Clarity even more. So, keep your eyes on the ball!

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