Meet Our New Team Member: Sara Stojkovska

Vrootok's mission is to successfully connect consumers with businesses through digital marketing and consulting. We power eCommerce and SaaS businesses through our digital marketing skills and abilities.

As we are working with a range of international clients, constantly expanding our team with valued members is what makes us grow as a company.

Between her extensive work as a data analyst which helps us to make the best business decisions for our clients, we have had the chance to ask Sara a few questions about herself and her new role at Vrootok.

  • Hello Sara, it's great to have you on-board!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who is Sara and what matters most to her?

I'm triggered by numbers. I have trouble remembering phrases, words, or even names, but car plates or telephone numbers I remember for sure!

Formulas are shaping my career. Ever since I started working in the world of Digital Marketing my mind goes around the business and marketing decisions delivered by metrics and information.

Other than that, I'm a modern world workaholic and a daily overthinker with a realistic approach.

How do you think your role in Vrootok is helping you reach your career goals?

Providing custom made, detailed reports for various types of clients and businesses is a big challenge itself!

I have the freedom and chance to improve and increase my worth and knowledge. The thing that these types of decisions depend on me is my daily drive!

What was your first impression of the Vrootok family?

“Is this the only Marketing Consulting Agency that is ruled by women only!?”

I figured this is something unique in my country. I like that.

What are you mostly looking forward to as a Data Analyst at Vrootok?

I look forward to getting the numbers to go higher every month, week, even day based on the quality analysis. Except for the “Cost”, “CPA”, “CPC” and all the rest of the metrics that include the word “Cost”.

  • Finally, let’s not forget to have a little fun. We at Vrootok have gatherings outside whenever we have a chance, especially when there’s an important milestone worth celebrating. Some of our greatest hits include a Karaoke Party and cocktails night!

Can you tell us about your hobbies and interests? How do you spend your free time?

I workout, I read books (thrillers and mysteries), I dance and rarely watch series (tv shows). Recently I started hiking every day, so we can try this together.

We're always in the look-out for talented, responsible people that don't set limits to their knowledge and abilities. With the support of our united and capable team, there is nothing that you can't imagine, plan, create, and set in motion!

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If you want to work on real projects and get hands-on experience with a broad range of international clients, you can apply for our new intern position.