Tips to Avoid Turning a Marketing Event into a Disaster

Events are probably the most powerful way to organize your community because they involve face-to-face interaction with your supporters. In-person engagement is where you built and strength your relationships.

Okay, you get that. But, what we are trying to say is that the success of an event is usually determined not at the venue – but in the planning, and in the follow-up.

Learning from your mistakes, or the other way round?

You’ve heard how people say “Learn from your mistakes”. This time, we decided to learn from other’s mistakes rather than our own. Now you’re probably asking how we came to this point. Well, the last marketing event we visited gave us the “inspiration”.

If you decided to include events in your marketing strategy, you are halfway there! You keep yourself abreast with the newest trends and you can lead your market. But, you need to do it right!

Oh wait, you are up-to-date with the newest trends, right? Because this is really important if you are planning to host a marketing event. We are living in a digital era after all, so put the digital marketing in the first place.

What we are trying to say is that we should forget about the old event organization schemes. You can’t just talk about PR at the event and what your company did years ago, in a time when more than 2 billion of the world population are active Facebook users. If you promised the audience that they will learn new things from the presentations on your event, talk about those new things! Don’t just promote your product and company. Or, at least find a way to connect the audience with your product while sharing experiences in the process. Interact with them, not just with your colleagues or students. You are not at college.

What’s that you say? You are innovative? That’s awesome, congratulations! Bring that innovation closer to people. We know for a fact that you will solve someone’s problem. Just keep in mind that innovation is not always a revolution. Even if you think it is, most of the time you think you reinvented the wheel. So, don’t convince your audience that you have a revolutionary product if you don’t. Nowadays, everyone knows how to use Google, and you know what we mean.

A presentation hall half empty, with the empty chairs in focus.

Be aware, please be aware!

And, for the end, we have the biggest mistakes that event organizers could ever make. We didn’t want to be brutal from the very beginning. But, you should be aware that these things happen. Like for real. Please remember:

  • Never to change the location of your event without an announcement to the guests. You’ll be the one that loses the most.
  • Start your presentation on time. You have to respect the time of your audience.
  • When we are talking about time, 30 minutes is enough for presentation. You can make a short break and continue after that.
  • Always speak on the language you said you are going to speak in the program for the event. Or, if there are any changes in the last moment, be sure you have a translator.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the conclusion? You have to be prepared for ANYTHING. Not having backup plans or alternatives for each and every part of the event can cause big problems. Although organizing an event comes with many ups and downs, a lot of these can be avoided. It’s essential to plan for any problem that might arise during the process.

Wish you the best of luck with the planning of your next event!