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5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Online Marketing Strategy

There are various social media marketing platforms you can grow your business with, and depending on the niche, LinkedIn may be your ticket to success.

We all know the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. These social media platforms focus on different topics, such as photo sharing, video sharing, or general connection with friends and family.

LinkedIn is a platform designed to connect business professionals and allows them to share information, get answers, and promote themselves and their businesses.

This platform was founded in 2003, but it started experiencing its growth in 2016. Right now, LinkedIn has over 660 million users in more than 200 countries across the world.
So, what makes LinkedIn so popular?
LinkedIn offers users several high-value benefits. It is designed for business professionals and business owners instead of for the general public. This makes it excellent for companies offering B2B services.

LinkedIn as a professional platform

Using LinkedIn for Your Online Marketing Strategy

If you establish your business on LinkedIn you can successfully promote your brand and services.

This platform can be used for recruiting the people you need for your business, and you can easily find businesses and relevant people you can promote your company to. So, not only you can use LinkedIn for businesses and people that may need your services, but you can also use it for posting job listings and finding your perfect employees.

You can use LinkedIn to contact people who have worked at a particular company, get feedback from them, and find out relevant information. You can use the platform to ask questions and use the answers to elevate your business successfully.

Stay with me to read the top 5 ways you can leverage LinkedIn when it comes to marketing your business online.

1. LinkedIn is Excellent for Small Businesses

If you're an owner of a small business, don't feel discouraged to join this network and "beat" the giant corporations.

LinkedIn’s company profiles feature provides an opportunity for companies to present their products, services, and job listings to LinkedIn’s audience.

In addition, company profiles offer extensive data that are particularly useful to job seekers, recruiters, and members searching for potential clients and partners.

Promoting your small business with a company profile isn't just for large companies. If you own a small business, even a one-person business, creating a company profile can help you gain visibility on LinkedIn.

2. Create and Properly Manage Your Company's Profile

The first step to leveraging LinkedIn's benefits is successfully creating a profile for your business.

By creating a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments as a business offering a particular product or service, your chances for proper social media marketing on LinkedIn increase.

Without a profile, you can't share your insights and vision as a business and no other LinkedIn users can learn more about your company. So, creating a profile is one of the first tasks you need to complete.

Keep in mind that the text you include in your profile is searchable. So, if you’re looking to establish your brand in a particular area, be sure to add relevant information that is SEO optimized.

3. Reach Out to People and Engage in Posts

Engagement on LinkedIn is everything. If you aren't sharing information and participating in conversations relevant to your business, you're missing out!

You should participate in discussions and answer questions from other users. This way you will establish yourself or your business as professionals in your niche.

The more questions you answer, the more recognized you become as an expert in the LinkedIn community, and that leads to more opportunities for you and your business.

When answering questions don't just offer an opinion. Put some thought into it and present some additional resources. Most of the questions on LinkedIn are from people actually trying to solve a problem or accomplish something, not just looking for something to talk about.

Moreover, you can get ideas for topics and trends in your industry. For example, if you check out what competitors are doing and what works for them, you can tweak it to your advantage.

On LinkedIn you can get ideas for topics and trends in your industry

4. Create and Share Relevant Content

LinkedIn is easy to use and it's free, this is why professionals use it foto get to the right content in the field they're interested in.

Creating content that's connected with what you're offering as a company, whether it's a product or service is always important.

A good practice would be to make sure that your posting is constant and that the people that follow you can expect new topics on relevant content regularly. This way you won't be forgotten and your chances of success will improve drastically.

Afterward, you can use this content and place proper advertisements. You've probably already seen some LinkedIn ads in many places on the LinkedIn platform, and they come from companies that are targeting professionals like you.

You can use LinkedIn’s amazing targeting and share the right content with the right people. This can bring you new conversions and ultimately high ROI. Contact us and let us help you grow your business!

5. Create Groups

Today's technology has forever altered the way people find a job, expand their business, create strategic partnerships, and grow their professional networks.

But technology is just the enabler. Building new connections through mutual connections and trust is the foundation of success on LinkedIn just as it is in the real world.

Creating a group that will include people interested in your product or service and offering the solution to their problem can be a great step into growing your business.

Offering expertise, starting conversations, and figuring out what people really want from your brand can help you improve and scale your business.

Wrapping Things Up

Creating your business profile, sharing valuable and relevant content, and establishing your expertise are the first steps into growing your LinkedIn profile and ultimately your business.

LinkedIn offers advertising programs that focus on reaching the brand's highly targeted demographics. The LinkedIn audience is growing every day and this is something your company must leverage. Get in touch today and let professionals help you achieve your business goals.

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