Let Us Introduce Our New Marketing Intern: Ivana Jovanovska

Since the start of Vrootok, we have always welcomed people who showed great interest in learning. We strongly believe that in the process of teaching others, you better yourself. There is nothing more joyful for us than inspiring and motivating young people and giving them a chance to find themselves in our digital marketing field. Our newest intern Ivana fits the description, she is hardworking, enthusiastic and a team player and we cannot be more excited to have her on our team. We sat down with her and did a short interview so all of you can get a chance to meet Ivana!

Who is Ivana?

Ivana is a 23-year-old student that is about to become a graduate in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics. During her studies, she is constantly active and has worked quite a few jobs which improved her work ethics. She told us that when she was thinking about her future and what would she like to do after graduation, that there was no other logical option than digital marketing for her. We made the right prediction about Ivana the moment she walked in the office for the interview. Every day she makes us like her even more with her dedication and contagious positive energy. But let's hear what Ivana has to say!

You've been with us for a week. Impressions?

So far my impressions are great. I have a great team that tries to teach me everything they know and helps me with my tasks if I have a problem. Also, an added bonus is the kitty in the office that makes the whole mood even more cheerful! In a week I have learned so much already from how to deal with clients, how to do reports, to writing blogs and SEO optimization.

Tell us, what are your biggest strengths?

One of my greatest strengths is my perceptiveness. I've always had a natural ability to pick up on changes in people’s emotions by noticing body languages or facial expressions. Also, I would have to mention my level of confidence. I have faith in myself and my abilities that I can carry through any task or action.

We wonder, what is in your playlist?

We noticed that in a given part of the day when we become a little too loud you put the headphones on, completely tune out and focus on your tasks.

If these trees could talk - Red Forest, the entire album 🙂

We won’t stop here, our goal is to recruit as many quality people that we can so we can create the best team!

We also have three new amazing interns in our team: Simona, Angela and Kiril which you’ve met in our previous blog post. If you have any suggestion, need more information, or would like to join our team, please contact us at [email protected]