Legal service for protecting air passengers rights

Air passenger rights have been a great opportunity for legal companies ever since the introduction of the EU Regulation (EC) 261 in 2004. Since airlines quite frequently do break the rights covered by this regulation, winning a passenger reimbursement claim is almost a 100% certainty.

Such was our client, whose name we won’t mention because of confidentiality reasons. They are a law firm operating in most European countries, and our team was in charge of the marketing strategy and execution for their operations on the Balkan peninsula.

The company’s main goal was to protect air passengers rights through claiming a flight compensation from the airline for a flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding. Thanks to the EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004, this was a fool-proof process, considering the passenger who submits a claim qualifies for compensation.

The Challenge:

The main problem with our client was the fact that they were trying to place their business in a very competitive market. Due to limited resources (they are a startup after all), the biggest challenge was to successfully offer their service on the market. To do that, we had to firstly build brand awareness, and then generate leads.

Short description of the solution/s we provided:

After a thorough market and competitor research, we created a marketing funnel with precise details. This way, we knew the steps of the customer journey, and what they had to go through to convert.

We then did an in-depth research regarding flight problems like delayed and cancelled flights of all airlines operating from, and to the Balkan peninsula.

The next step was to build brand awareness. For this purpose, we started promoting the brand through multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) and the Google Display Network, and not only in Macedonia, but also in Serbia and Croatia.

The Process

  • We created a list of questions for the client
  • After the questions were answered, we started outlining a Marketing Strategy
  • The Marketing Strategy was created and adjusted to a customer journey funnel
  • The execution of the strategy / plan


The execution of the marketing strategy resulted in building a strong and recognizable brand. We created a Facebook fan page with over 4.600 followers and successfully concluded cooperation agreements with seven other businesses.

From 0 to

Facebook followers


People reached through Page Likes Campaign


People reached through Facebook Ad Campaign


Leads generated through Google Display Campaign

Up to

Signed agreements for partnerships


Increase in page users overall


Increase in page sessions overall

Less than

website bounce rate in the first few months

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