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Key Steps on How to Use Instagram to Promote your Products

If you’re not using Instagram to your advantage as a small business owner, this blog post can help you to get the main idea behind promoting your products.

Right now, Instagram is still the hottest social media platform. After its launch, the number of its daily users is continuing to grow. This was the main reason behind Facebook’s purchase of the platform.

By using this platform that took the world by storm, you can get everything you need to start marketing your products. So, no matter if you are a kitchen table entrepreneur or already have established your corporation, this quick guide can become one of your most trusted resources.

Marketing On Instagram

If you are a business owner, chances are you are already using social media as a means to reach new customers. And if you still haven’t tried using Instagram, here’s your chance to shine a light on your products.

Statistics show that Instagram has about 1 billion monthly users, which makes it one of the most engaging platforms. What was once an easy-to-use photo-sharing app is now a key channel for selling.

If you are ready to get your products and brand seen by more people and allow it to grow while following a specific Instagram digital marketing strategy, starting with these simple pieces of advice would be an excellent option for you.

Many successful brands are discovering new ways to interact with Instagram users, which makes them get new customers and build loyal ones along the way.

Why is Instagram good for promoting your products?
Well, simply said, most of the Instagram users are shoppers.

So, if you post the right Instagram photos from your products, provide valuable content with your posts, the potential clients can obtain your message without you having to provide a lot of sales pitches.

Nowadays, people turn to social media for product references, so Instagram can really help you to turn your potential buyer personas into loyal brand advocates.

Grow your Instagram's followers with the right Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a Well Set Up Business Instagram Account

If you’re going to promote your products on Instagram, your business account must be separate from your own one.

When people are interested in the products or services you are offering, they will want to see posts that are connected with your business. They won’t care about that walk you took with your dog to the park.

The business Instagram account can help you post content that’s relevant to your targeted audience, which can get you more sales!

While setting up your business account on Instagram, don’t forget to:

  • Include a well-written short bio;
  • Include a link that will lead them to your online shop;
  • Choose a name that won’t be hard to find, or read (naming your business account Healthy_Way_Of.Living won’t make it easier for you to promote your products);
  • Choose a good profile photo that will show the company’s logo;
  • Be creative with the content you will be sharing!

It’s All About Using The Right Visuals

Despite the common idea that Instagram is only a smartphone application for sharing photos, its use in marketing shows that the platform’s uses go beyond mere picture-taking.

Instagram opens new discussions, it is used for showcasing products, services, ideas. Its visual communication helps people choose what’s right for them, while at the same it provides opportunities to business owners to show what makes them different.

This being said, it’s important that the pictures you will be using for promoting your brand and products be of high quality! Also, don’t forget to always use specific filters, fonts, and colors that will associate people with the product that you are trying to sell.

Considering the visibility offered by the platform, small businesses should generally aim to share images and messages that people can relate to. This common idea supports the purpose of reaching a high number of followers.

Hashtags: Organize Your Social Media Posts

Instagram is all about posting visually perfected images. Once you’ve decided about how the photo should be edited, you can add a description.

The description can carry just plain text, or it can include hashtags. These hashtags provide an easy way to categorize your images. Hashtags also allow you to expand the scope of your vision far beyond just your followers so that anyone interested in that specific topic or industry can see your posts by simply searching for that hashtag.

For example, when if you share an image that has the message “Boost your immune system by adding healthy products to your daily menu #healthylife #healthyproducts”. This message will not only be seen by your followers, but the image will also be visible to anyone searching for the hashtags that you’ve included.

You can also use an Instagram email scraper tool to extract emails from Instagram users with specific hashtags related to your business.

Good advice when promoting your products would be to incorporate the so-called “branded hashtags” into your posts.

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that’s specific to your business. It can be as simple as your company name, or the name of one of your products or campaigns that you are promoting.

Engaging with your Instagram community can help you grow your business

Engage With Your Followers

Building a community around your brand and products is a great strategy that will work in the long run. Why?
Simply because appreciated and satisfied customers are more likely to buy your products more than once.

When people have the general feeling that they are valued by the brand, they might engage in creating their own content that’s connected with your products.

This is called user-generated content (UGC) and is one of the best advocates for the quality of your product.

You can encourage this type of content by creating quizzes, offering a discount, having photo sharing contests. This interactive way of sharing posts can help your followers to get involved.

Moreover, you should always keep your customer service excellent. This includes replying to the messages that are arriving in direct messages, replying to their comments, and asking them about their opinions.

Wrapping Things Up

You should always keep in mind that having exceptional ideas and strategies for growing your business’s Instagram is important.

To summarize, including a few crucial steps while promoting your products on Instagram, can help you grow your followers which can lead to new satisfied customers.

Having a well-organized business account, posting valuable content that has high-quality images, researching and including relevant hashtags with your branded hashtag, promoting your new products with visually appealing images, connecting with your followers, and keeping track of your strategy. All of these are just the first steps you must follow for good promotion of your products.

Remember that Instagram has the power to increase your customers’ loyalty which means that it can be used for having customers come to you, not the other way around. For this, we can prepare and execute the right strategy for your brand, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are having doubts about how to approach your products’ promotion.

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