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Introduction to Voice Match Payments: The Future of eCommerce

When we talked about the content marketing trends and the eCommerce digital marketing trends that will take over 2020, we mentioned that you should differently keep track of voice-search optimized content

With the virtual assistants taking control, like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa, around half of the users worldwide use voice search for online shopping.

So, the new Voice Match Payments from Google didn't come out as a surprise. Stay with me in the next few sections and find out more about this method that's considered to be the future of eCommerce.

Google Assistant's New Voice Match Payments

Google's Voice Match will now help secure payments made with the Google Assistant. This feature is currently being tested, but its purpose is to confirm your orders. It will also be available for smart speakers as well as displays.

Let's dumb it down a little. Every device that is Google Assistant-enabled can be a means of confirmation that you are the account owner that's making the purchase. By authorizing payments with Voice Match, you can conveniently make purchases directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The first step would be to turn your Google Assistant on. Firstly, just say 'Hey Google'!
Then if you go tap the three dots you can go to 'Settings' and then choose 'Assistant'. Under 'Assistant Devices', you can select your phone and turn Google Assistant on or off.

Secondly, if you click Get Started, you can agree to Voice Match, which will allow your Assistant to identify you and tell you apart from others.

After you've taught the Google Assistant to recognize your voice, you can use the Voice Match Payments method.

You can go turn this on by clicking Settings and then in the ‘You’ tab, click ‘Payments’.
When this is available for your device, you will have the opportunity to turn on ‘Verify it’s you before paying’, and then to turn on ‘Confirm with Voice Match’.

After you've authorized this, Google says that you will be able to make purchases with your Google Assistant, like in-app purchases through Google Play. What you will be able to buy with Voice Match might change depending on the good or service that's offered.

The Future of eCommerce

The expansion of artificial intelligence, the new technology improvements, and the value they have for consumers are some of the determinants that make this 'hands-free' payment method universal.

Just like 'teaching' your smartphone to recognize your fingerprint for unlocking, you can now use your voice to authorize your purchases. Sounds pretty cool right?

Well, if you are currently using a credit card to make payments with your smartphone, then you already know that there are some requirements from Google to authorize the payment.

This is done just in case if your phone gets picked up by someone else who wants to use your credit card to buy something you haven't agreed on.

So, besides the authorization with a fingerprint or a security code, you can now activate this Voice Match feature. This way the phone's credit card can't be charged without the actual person being there.

Paying the Bills Hands-Free

I'm looking forward to a future where I'll be able to say: Hey Google, I want to buy these shoes and solemnly confirm it with my voice.

Joke aside, researches are showing that the users that will choose voice payments will quadruple by 2022.

In the future, the banks that will be appreciated will be the ones that are compatible with voice assistants. Performing these dreaded errands, like waiting in line to pay the bills are going to be completely extinct.

Moreover, investing in technology that's going to be doing actions without the use of hands or touching a screen is a trend that will continue to grow.

Voice Match Users, Beware!

Of course, Google will also give you a fair warning that someone with a similar voice like yours can also confirm purchases.

Imagine someone recording your voice, then stealing your phone, and authorizing payments easily! It seems like a scenario from an action movie, but still... keep in mind that it might happen.


Let's sum it up a bit.
Undoubtedly this is a huge step and a look into the future. Google is staying ahead of the game and wants to be on top of the competition when people's habits for buying products through smart speakers increase.

It's probably a good move because we see the growing numbers of people ordering food online, using voice search for researching basic information like the weather and nearby restaurants, so it seems like this will be their next purchasing habit.

So, will it really be good for costumers and will it make the user experience better, that's what time will tell.

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