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How To Create A Killer Campaign For the Holiday Season?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year - at the personal level. The holiday season is the perfect time to slow down, enjoy the little moments, and spend some quality time with your family. But at the professional level, it means speeding up your game and preparing for the holiday shopping spree. 


All businesses are focused on finding new and creative ways to promote their products. The pre-holiday period is definitely the most competitive time of the year for companies. And for digital marketers as well. 


Are People Really Such Big Spenders?

We found an insightful infographic regarding holiday spendings statistics by Cloud Ways. The comparison analysis covers the 2020 spending stats compared to 2019. Here is why the holiday season, besides being the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most lucrative. 


  • E-commerce spending rose by 13,1%;
  • Average order spending went up by 17%;
  • E-commerce sales rose to $27 billion;
  • Each day, during the peak season, sales exceeded $1 billion in online sales apart from Christmas Eve.


These results show that now more than ever, small businesses and local brands can benefit from having an established digital marketing strategy. Holiday marketing campaigns can be executed entirely online while reaching wide audiences across different platforms. So how can you pull up a killer holiday social media campaign? Here are some tips.


Create Some Early Buzz

As much early as you start, the better success you may expect. If you are wondering how early should you start, it’s probably best to start planning in the middle of September. But if you’re already a few months behind, don’t worry; there is still plenty of time to pull this through. 


Defining your digital marketing plan beforehand helps you get organized for your holiday campaign. You should map out the list of goals and strategies that have worked before. After that, plan out a timeline. Don’t forget to evaluate your progress as the season develops and modify your plan if circumstances change.


Organize Your Marketing In One Place

Nowadays, online audiences are using many different platforms. You want to ensure that your holiday campaign includes using all of the platforms that your target audience use. Consider integrating social media, email marketing, streaming, and your website.


Organizing and delegating the content across all platforms can be pretty challenging. What you need is a platform that does this for you. You need to use a content management platform like HubSpot to simplify running multiple accounts across multiple platforms. 

content management system

Know Who Your Audience Is

Not that you haven’t heard this before, but knowing your target audience is crucial. It’s not the same to target bummers, millennials, or Gen Z. All of them want to be reached out differently. 


If your audience is older, you may want to create simple designs with visible CTA. If you target younger audiences, you may pursue more creative approaches like showing testimonials, organizing contests, or giveaways. 


Create A Holiday Hashtag

Hashtags are known for their power to reach people and spread the word about you. Consider creating a unique hashtag and ask your followers to use them in their pictures. One thing to keep in mind is avoiding generic hashtags like #2022, #holiday since these are overly used online. Creating hashtags can double your engagement and boost your sales. 

holiday hashtags

Show Gratitude To Your Customers

The holiday season is all about giving, so why not give back to the people who support you? Send a free gift with every purchase made. However, you have to be considerate with deciding what the free gift will be since you’re not making any profit from it.


Think of the gift as a way to encourage further shopping. For example, send free product samples, prepare a gift card or certificate, offer them a glimpse of some service that won’t cost you much, but will encourage further spending. 


Be Socially Responsible

This New Year, create something different than before. Customers love buying from socially responsible companies. This way, they get the feeling of participating in a good cause. Make this holiday season the perfect way to give back to the community.


Organize a humanitarian action and ask your customers to participate. Prepare meaningful Christmas gifts and donate them to those in need. On the one hand, this will boost your sales because people will appreciate what you do. On the other hand, you’ll feel fulfilled by helping someone out. 

socially responsible companies

Showcase Your Products Virtually 

You know what a showroom is. It’s a place where you showcase your products for the customers to explore. Since everything is online, you may want to consider something called a web room. Web rooms work the same as showrooms, except you present your products on the Internet.


You can use 3D models or augmented reality to showcase your products. Businesses that are using 3D and AR/VR have reported improved conversion rates, a lower number of returned items, and a higher add-to-cart rate. According to Google’s 2019 AR Survey, 66% of participants are interested in using AR when making purchases decisions. 


Appeal To Customers’ Emotions With A Video Campaign

What is the first commercial that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas? It’s Coca-Cola for sure! Why are these commercials so successful? Because they tapped into human emotion. Every year, each commercial has a different real-life story that we can identify with. 

coca-cola holiday campaign


This holiday, step up your game! Leverage the ignition of mixed emotions. When you’re creating your holiday marketing campaign, pay extra attention to the emotional appeal of your content. For example, share a behind-the-scenes look at how your company celebrates the holidays to evoke powerful feelings. Send each employee a gift and record their reactions. You’ll have a memory that’ll last a lifetime. 


Feeling Ready To Ace Your Holiday Marketing Strategy?

With some planning, you can develop a one-of-a-kind holiday marketing strategy. Include unique brand traits to stand out from the crowd and ensure rapid profit growth. Your company has diversified options when it comes to promoting your business this Christmas. From personalized content to creating memorable video campaigns that evoke deep emotions. 

Are you struggling with preparing a holiday marketing campaign? Vrootok can help. With our expertise and proven work, we can do some magic for you this holiday season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

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