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How can automated emails help your business?

Even though the public opinion is that email marketing is dead and non-effective, this indeed isn’t true. Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing platforms that are constantly evolving and growing. The statistics show incredible numbers, such as a median ROI of 122%! That even outperforms social media! 


Digital marketers have found a way to get the most out of email marketing. Sending weekly/monthly newsletters is still part of an email marketing strategy, but setting automation emails is an even more brilliant move when it comes to gaining revenue.


Read the blog post below to find out why you should consider setting up automation emails for your business. 


What is email automation?

Automated or triggered emails are messages that are automatically sent as a response to an individual user’s action made on your website or app. Once someone completes an action on your website, such as subscribing or downloading a brochure, your ESP can deploy an email confirming their action and instructs them on what will happen next with a series of automated emails. 


Why are automated emails so effective? Because they answer a specific user’s action, meaning you’re responding to their personal needs. Automated emails are timely, relevant to the user, and personalized. That’s why they have a higher open and click rate, drive more visits and revenue than regular newsletters.


Why does your business need it?

Since we’ve learned what email automation is, let’s dive into why your business actually needs it. Here are some of the most important reasons why should you set up automated emails:


Why do you need email automation?


1. Nurture your leads

Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers and nurture your leads. It’s personalized, you own it, and it allows you to say your message to the customer directly.


You can send highly relevant and timely messages that connect with your prospect. A deeper connection means a higher opportunity for your lead to become a customer. 


2. Send personalized emails

Unlike social media platforms being interfered with algorithms, email marketing is a platform that you own. With email marketing, you have one-on-one communication with the prospect, and you can easily personalize the message.


Sending personalized subject lines has shown a greater open rate of 35%


3. Reach your customer

As we mentioned before, social media posts will not reach your customers every time. With email marketing, you control your reach frequency and ensure that the message is delivered to your customer’s inbox. 


4. You get a higher open rate.

We all read emails daily. Your customers do too. Sending emails regularly will result in your brand being easily remembered and recognized. The more remembered you become, the higher the chance for your customer to buy. 


5. Segmentation and targeting

What’s important with email marketing is the opportunity to segment your audience. Depending on the ESP you’re using, different segmenting options are available. However, you could easily segment your leads by age, gender, location, or interests.


Segmenting your audience allows you to answer specific customer needs. You can tailor messages according to their needs and the actions taken on your site.  


6. Streamline the sales funnel

By automating your email campaigns, you make your sales funnel more efficient. With automated emails, you guide your prospects through the funnel more smoothly. This allows you to focus more on nurturing your qualified leads.


You can track the actions on your site taken by your customer and can pick the more interested and engaged customers to get the sale quickly. 


7. It’s cheap

Don’t we all want to save some time and money in our business? Well, email marketing allows us exactly that. Once you’ve set up the automation flows, your work is done. You save your labor, and you save money on designs and writing copies. 


Sending emails doesn’t cost anything. Sure, you’ll pay for the email automation software, but if you do a cost/benefit analysis, you’ll see that the benefits outweigh the costs.


8. Drive traffic to your landing page

With email automation, you can increase your website traffic. Email works to get people to click through to your website and your specific landing pages. Create content that builds trust and deepens the relationship with your customers to get them to visit your landing page.


Grow your business with automation emails

Now that we’ve seen what email automation is and why you should implement it in your email marketing strategy, let’s see some examples of the most successful automation flows.


Welcome emails

Welcome emails are one of the emails that get the highest open rate. They are the perfect way to welcome new subscribers who’ve shown interest in your product or service but are not ready to buy yet. Welcome emails are your first chance to make a great first impression. Many businesses offer discounts as an incentive for people to buy.



Welcome email


You can also create welcome flows, which are a series of emails automatically sent. Welcome flows allow you to present your business, its core values, its products, and services. With welcome flows, you get the chance to build connections with new prospects and deepen the relationship further.


Reminder emails

Sending a reminder email is an excellent opportunity to send a timely message to your clients. It’s also relevant to them since it’s connected to the product or service they’re using. For example, Nissan sends a reminder email after six months you’ve bought a car to remind you that it’s time for your first car maintenance. With reminder emails, you show your customer that you care, and you keep them repurchasing your products over time.  


Birthday or anniversary

Sending birthday or anniversary emails is a win-win situation for both you and your customer. By showing that you care about your customers, you increase their happiness while increasing your chances to drive higher revenue. Offer your customers a special occasion discount to make them feel even more special and appreciated. 



It’s really effective to treat your VIPs differently since they’re the customers that buy the most. The emails should include a special VIP discount that will encourage them to buy again.



Reengaging with your customers is another effective way to drive revenue. Get in touch with those who have made purchases before but haven’t made another in a while. Offer them a discount as an incentive to purchase. 


Feedback emails

Feedback and survey emails are an excellent way for the customer’s voice to be heard. You can benefit from these types of emails since they tell you whether your products work or not and if your services are good so that you can improve in the future. 


Reviews and testimonials

These types of emails are tightly connected with feedback emails. Send your customers a review email sometime after they’ve purchased to ask them if it has met their needs and are they satisfied. This way, you can collect feedback and user-generated content that can be used in other campaigns of your digital marketing strategy. 


Product updates and launches

Once your customers have bought from you, they most likely would like to receive important information about the product. If you have an update for the products or are launching new similar products, send your clients an update or launching email. Chances are, they’ll buy from you again! 


To wrap things up

Since you’ve gained some knowledge about email automation, now is the time to implement it. Of all the opportunities available to you to grow your business, email marketing still remains one of the most efficient and impactful digital marketing platforms. 


Setting up automated emails will save you time and money while helping you drive results. So take some of the ideas presented in this blog post and apply them to your business. We will be more than happy to help you develop a highly effective email marketing strategy, so if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.

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