We Help You Conquer Marketing as a Fractional CMO

We live in a world that is demanding instant results. Investing in an in-house marketing team can be a double-edged sword.

You might end up too late for the show, or it might not work.

So, don’t waste your precious time and money on an in-house marketing team.
Welcome to the world of the fractional CMO expertise. We will help you reach your goals faster and save money

With fractional CMO, your business:

  • Can breathe a sigh of relief, especially the CEO
  • Consolidates efforts with coordination
  • Gets detailed analytics that points out the right way
  • Optimizes the budget
  • Uses exceptional marketing strategies

Fractional Is the Better Choice!

Some might say that using the services of a fractional CMO is the future of digital marketing. They aren’t far off. Fractional CMO enables you to:

Avoid the Risk of Making a Bad Hire

With a fractional CMO, hiring someone full time just to end up with money down the drain is history. You’re hiring an expert that has years of marketing experience and know-how.

Combine the Business’ Efforts

Many companies struggle to get their focus. The coordination is all over the place, and the business suffers. A CMO will create a strategy that would coordinate the marketing effort. They will hire other part-time experts that will benefit your business.

Get a Cost-Effective Expert

Not all companies can afford their very own chief marketing officer. Hiring a Part-Time CMO will get you all the benefits of an in-house CMO, perhaps even more. With their expertise, they will have an outside look at your business’ processes.

Optimize the budget

A CMO knows what to do with your marketing budget. They can ensure every penny is spent for the right cause - targeting the right audience. An experienced CMO will optimize even very limited budget to get the most out of them.

Fractional CMO Services

Vrootok’s CMO is a well-established expert that has years of experience. Here are the services you can opt in for:

An Outside Advice

If you already have a full in-house marketing effort but think it can do better, let us take a look at your efforts and see where they can be improved.


Being an expert with years of experience, our CMO will ensure you get the leadership, strategy, execution, and KPI systems set up and rolling.

Marketing Strategy Creation

Our CMO will create a marketing strategy that brings results. We know how important marketing data research and analysis are. The marketing strategy we create will be based on the best way to get results.

Part-Time Team of Experts

Hiring a fractional CMO means you hire a team of experts they work with. The CMO will make the executive decision on who will benefit your business most. And, they'll work with them to further your business’ goals.

Our Fractional CMO Process

Here's how our CMO service works:

1. Idea

Our CMO overviews your business and finds opportunities toward which to direct the marketing efforts

2. Planning

Our CMO, together with the team, makes a list of data, both prior and based on new research, that will bring results

3. Create

Our CMO creates a marketing strategy based on the data and hires the right part-time experts for the job

4. Success

Our CMO services provide balance of the budget around the implementation of the strategy which brings outstanding results

Best Combined With

Hiring a Fractional CMO means you need to apply most, if not all, marketing strategies. It goes hand in hand with:

Marketing Data Research & Analysis

No marketing effort is based on a hunch. Tons of data must be researched and analyzed to give the best base for an exceptional marketing strategy. Put it this way - not basing a marketing strategy on hard data is the same as not having a strategy at all.

Content, Graphics & Email Marketing

An experienced CMO knows the value great content has in the digital world. So, content & email marketing are a must for any marketing effort. Graphics are just the cherry on top of