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What Is a Fractional CMO?

CMO or Chief Marketing Officer is an outsourced marketing executive who performs the function of a CMO without your company having to commit to full-time employment. Fractional CMOs come armed with the expertise, knowledge, and experience gained from leading multiple marketing teams. They are result and growth-driven with the ambition to drive the results a company needs.

Even though it’s about part-time contraction, fractional CMOs are committed to the company they work with. They operate everyday activities, work on the strategy, and present reports and analyses on a regular basis.


Why Does Your Business Need A Fractional CMO?

In an ever-changing environment where businesses expect instant results, investing in in-house marketing is a no-go. You might end up too late for the show, or it might not work. With hiring fractional CMO you can invest your focus on developing and managing your business, while marketing professionals take care of the marketing part. 

With fractional CMO, your business:

  • Can breathe a sigh of relief, especially the CEO;
  • Consolidates efforts with coordination;
  • Gets detailed analytics that points out the right way;
  • Optimizes the budget;
  • Uses exceptional marketing strategies.


Why Is Fractional CMO The Better Choice?

If you talk to experts, some may say that fractional CMO is the future of digital marketing. And they wouldn’t be far from the truth! Here is what a fractional CMO enables you to do.

why is fractional cmo a better option

Avoid The Risk Of Bad Hire

Fractional CMOs are strongly growth-oriented with years of experience and expertise. When in investing in fractional CMO you can be sure that your money won’t go down the drain.


Get A Cost-Effective Expert 

When hiring a fractional CMO you avoid full-time employment with fixed salary costs. Instead, you get part-time employment with variable costs. Hiring a part-time CMO will get you all the benefits of an in-house CMO, perhaps even more.


Combine The Business’ Efforts

Many companies struggle to get their focus. The coordination is all over the place, and the business suffers. A CMO will create a strategy that would coordinate the marketing effort. They will hire other part-time experts that will benefit your business.


Optimize The Budget

An experienced CMO will know how to allocate your budget effectively. He will ensure that every penny is well spent. This will be pursued through detailed targeting and allocating resources to the right people. An experienced CMO will optimize even a very limited budget to get the most out of them.


Who Needs Fractional CMO?

Basically, everyone can benefit from hiring a fractional CMO. But let’s see what are some of the criteria you should evaluate to determine whether you need a fractional CMO or not.


  • You want to implement a new marketing function for your business;
  • Have an existing marketing team but need outside leadership and improvement;
  • You are in look an independent outside-the-team strategist;
  • Don’t have time or money to invest in in-house marketing;
  • Focusing more on marketing rather than business decisions;


How many of the boxes have you checked? If you have only checked one, it would probably be beneficial for you to invest in a fractional CMO.


What Types Of Services Do We Offer?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and reasons why you should hire a fractional CMO, let’s see what we at Vrootok can offer you! 

Vrootok’s marketing team is an excellent team of experts with outstanding work and results. Here are the services you can opt-in for.

types of services we offer

An Outside Advice

Let us take a look at your current marketing strategy and propose better solutions. 



Being an expert with years of experience, our CMO will ensure you get the leadership, strategy, execution, and KPI systems set up and rolling.


Marketing Strategy Creation

We are results-driven and will prepare a detailed marketing strategy that brings results. We understand the importance of data analysis and research. Every action that we’ll take will have a clear goal and defined KPIs. 


Part-Time Team Of Experts 

Hiring a fractional CMO means you hire a team of experts they work with. The CMO will make the executive decision on who will benefit your business the most. And, they'll work with them to further your business goals.


How Does Our Fractional CMO Process Work?

Curious how the whole process of hiring us as a fractional CMO works? Check out these four steps:

  1. Idea - Our CMO overviews your business and finds opportunities toward which to direct the marketing effort;s
  2. Planning - Our CMO, together with the team, makes a list of data, both prior and based on new research, that will bring results;
  3. Create - Our CMO creates a marketing strategy based on the data and hires the right part-time experts for the job;
  4. Success - Our CMO services provide a balance of the budget around the implementation of the strategy which brings outstanding results.

Read some of our success stories with our clients here. 


It’s Up To You

A good Fractional CMO is process and results-driven and has a proven record of helping companies scale up their businesses. We will provide you with the proper guardrails and strategic oversight to meet your long-term goals and objectives. Go through the criteria about who needs to hire a fractional CMO and decide what’s most effective for your business. 

Still not sure whether you’ll benefit from a fractional CMO? Shoot us a message!

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