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Although one of the oldest marketing practices, an email marketing campaign still goes strong in the digital world. Email marketing offers an opportunity to make a personalized incentive for your audience to act. With this type of marketing, you can:
  • Target specific customer types
  • Get a cost-effective conversions opportunity
  • Build a loyal audience following with minimal effort

Benefits of A Great Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has stayed around for a reason - it’s very effective. Benefits include:

Increased Brand Awareness

With every next email, you expose your audience to your brand and what it offers. If you play it right, you’ll continuously give value to your customers. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, they’ll know where to go.

Reduced Cart Abandonments

With a proper email marketing strategy, you can re-engage the customers that have abandoned their carts. This will put them right back in the conversion funnel and guide them toward the sale.

Precise Targeting

A newsletter subscription form contains a lot of data that can be used for targeting your audience each time you press that send button.

High ROI

Email marketing costs much less than other digital marketing methods. Don’t believe us? Check what the Data & Marketing Association has to say: For every dollar spent, you can make fourty back as a return of investment!

Email Marketing Services List

We offer the following email marketing services:

Email Content Creation

Every email is an opportunity to build a personalized relationship with your target audience. Creating a highly personalized mail copy will leave your audience with no option but to subscribe to the newsletter. With the help of deep data analytics, we will help you create an email that will resonate with your audience.

Email Automation

Instead of manually sending emails to everyone subscribed to your newsletter, we can help you automate the whole process. This includes setting up an automatic email campaign that will be sent as soon as the targeted person meets the requirements. Say goodbye to abandoned carts, embrace automation.

Audience Segmentation

We keep track of who subscribed to your newsletter. This data enables us to create highly customized content which will hit every pain point that customer has.

All Purpose Emails

Besides keeping customers updated with your newsletter, we’ll help you do more. We’ll create outstanding acquisition emails to new subscribers. Also, we’ll send out promotional emails every time you have a great sale coming up. Finally, we’ll send personalized emails to retain your existing subscribers, like wishing them a happy birthday or special offers.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our email marketing process goes as follows:

1. Idea

We create an email marketing strategy by optimizing the newsletter subscription form to maximize your audience. Also, we start creating ideas for automated email triggers

2. Planning

We create a long-term plan for building a subscriber list and A/B testing opportunities to crunch the numbers even further to bring the best results possible

3. Create

We integrate the bespoke email marketing plan with your business' processes. A/B testing pushes each copy to the limit, which will give the best possible results for each specific email

4. Success

Abandonment and unsubscribe rates are at all-time low, and your email engagement is at all-time high

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We care what our customers think of us.

The Vrootok team researched our niche market, built and developed our website, wrote and edited content, established and manage our social media platforms, graphic design, created newsletters and email campaigns - and this is just a snapshot of the capabilities this team has and executes for us on a monthly basis!

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