Direct-To-Consumer eCommerce

There were times when it was known that the manufacturer of a product is not the seller. There was no contact between the buyers and the business owners. Later on, as a consequence of the internet, owners became more concerned about how their brand is perceived. With the appearance of social media, it became clear that a more direct approach is needed.

Now, consumers have access to each piece of information about the brand they are buying from. Companies had to adapt to this enormous change on the market, and with it the direct-to-consumer model emerged.

D2C Meaning

What does direct to consumer mean? Direct to consumer is defined as a supply of a product from the manufacturer to the consumer with no intermediaries. This means that retailers are not involved in the process. D2C allows businesses to tell their brand’s story in their own words and give value to the customers that would immediately affect their brand image. With the exclusion of third-party distributors businesses develop strong customer relationships that proves to be a lot more lucrative option compared to the traditional way of work.

Direct to Consumer Marketing

As D2C is booming more businesses are trying to please their consumers' needs. They are trying to provide all the information they can, directly to them in order to reach maximum transparency. This has been a game-changer for customers also that offers better buying experience overall.

These days people expect personalized experiences specifically  tailored for their needs. Regardless if they are receiving an ad, a personalized email to their inbox or talking to a chatbot, consumers are engaging with the brand. Most of all, these new trends help eCommerce businesses guide each customer through the marketing funnel.

A shopping cart with items and puzzle pieces underneath that are combining D2C and Marketing.

Many millennials are identifying with particular brands and do not consider buying before seeking them online. If your business is targeting this market segment, your online activities must be exceptional in order to attain their short span attention. 

The proper way to do D2C advertising is to bring value to people but also guide them through the marketing funnel. In the majority of cases, this is done through personalized content.The statistics are showing that this kind of content may not be a walk in the park, but companies who invest in it get to surpass their competitors by 20% in one year. A great example of personalization in practice, is providing a unique experience based on the knowledge that you already have of your visitors. Using their name in the content and giving them suggestions based on their recent searches is more welcoming, more insightful, and will more likely get people to buy your products or use your services. 

Moreover, the marketing budget is shifted from the old, traditional way. Radio and television are no longer used as the main channel for sharing the brand’s story. Today businesses use social media platforms and email marketing as main channels for reaching their targeted audiences. These platforms provide the direct approach that D2C marketing requires.


Direct to Consumer Trends

When it comes to profits through eCommerce, startups are looking up to giants such as Amazon. Today, more and more manufacturers are offering their products on their own platforms. Simply put, the eCommerce growth is also the growth of the D2C model, and as we all know eCommerce shows no sign of slowing in the coming years.

Direct to consumer startups have been on the rise these past years. These new businesses want to bring value to their consumers while setting new D2C trends. These trends involve eCommerce in the process. They are ignoring the standards by using the benefits of eCommerce and the limitless cloud to deliver their products to their buyers.

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These businesses are saying that if you can come up with an idea for a product and build a website, it’s not so difficult to get people to buy it. With this kind of control over your business you’re free to create the story of your bra