Pay per click on the left side vs search engine optimization on the right side.

PPC vs SEO – How to Conquer Search Results

by Mile Davchevski January 23, 2019 SEO

In the distant land of search engine results, there are two paths one can take to boost one’s website traffic.

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Two boxing gloves on a table, overlaid by the logos Google vs. Bing.

Bing vs Google – Who’s the Loser?

by Mile Davchevski January 09, 2019 SEO

Ladies and gentlemen! People from all over the world, we present to you the bout of the decade, perhaps even

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A banner with the Google logo followed by the text "Google SEO guide - How to be friends with SERPS."

Google SEO Guide – How to Be Friends with SERPS

by Mile Davchevski December 18, 2018 SEO

SEO has come a long way since the old days of yore. Keyword stuffing, followed by black-hat link building both

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A person holding a tablet with only arms visible is tapping one star out of five.

How a Great Negative Review Response Impacts Your SEO?

by Tina Efinska November 07, 2018 SEO

Negative consumer ratings have been the fuel of nightmares for many a business owner. But, there’s always a reason why

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How to Double Your Website Traffic with YouTube And Video SEO

by Marija Nikolova September 26, 2018 SEO

In recent years, video content has grown and it is expected to flourish even more so. In fact, nowadays videos

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google search

Reaching the Front Page of Google Without Being Spammy

by Marija Nikolova July 31, 2018 Marketing, SEO

It is a well-known fact that 75% of individuals never scroll past page 1 on a Google search. This is

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