Career Fair Bitola 2019: Believe in Yourself and Never Give Up

This Wednesday, the meeting place for the youth who are open to new job opportunities was Bitola. During this year’s Career Fair, people had a chance to meet and talk to recruiters. They could find out what kind of employees they are seeking and apply for a job.

Fourth-year in a row, this event is encouraging students to follow their dreams. It is giving communities a chance to grow. Career Fair is always offering invaluable experiences. That’s why being part of this year’s program was our pleasure.

Career Fair Bitola

This year, Career Fair offered a more enriched and meaningful program. The companies that had their corners were recruiting more than 70 people.

Four business owners shared their life stories with the audience. These people shared their experience and mindset they had when starting their businesses. They aimed to reach students and broaden their horizons. When getting through to them, the goal was to make them realize that there is so much potential in their ideas!

Moreover, the Career Fair offered more support by having a “Tips & Tricks Corner”. This corner had a purpose to help people create the right CV and motivational letter.


The Speakers

Motivational speeches were echoing in the hall of the Culture Center in Bitola. Hearing these speakers’ stories and how they overcame the obstacles in their life was inspiring. We hope that young people got challenged to never stop improving. We hope that they will strive to be the best version of the person they want to become.


Dimitar Mitrevski talked about how he managed to make his idea a reality. He started an online platform, Bintern, that connects students with companies. He encouraged young people to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. His advice to young people was, as he said: “ To improve daily and work on turning every no into a yes”.

Aylin Sheali is the operational manager at Pazar3. She shared her beliefs for achieving success. Encouraging young people to have a good plan, persistence, and dedication.


Vesna Atanasova gave a heartfelt speech that inspired people to believe in themselves. Now, the founder of Helen Doron in Bitola, her beginnings were not easy at all. As a young person, she started working with children at her home, completely for free. Then she managed to give herself a chance without being afraid of the risks.

She was able to motivate students to work on their personal growth. Also, to educate themselves and to never be afraid to share their ideas and work on making them a reality.


Our CEO Teodora Nikolovska was also one of the speakers. She was able to deliver her story and tell young people to trust in their capabilities. Sharing her values and how she managed to build Vrootok from scratch into the company we are today.

Her story reached the youth which she believes needs to practice proactivity. Only that way, they will have the ability to create progressive environments. She worked her way up, trusted her instincts and wasn’t afraid to take a leap.

Her speech finished with inspiring people to always have a clear goal and to stay determined. As her life motto and the title of her speech says “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.


Summing Up

Young people have to understand that a Career Fair can be the beginning of their future career. They can reflect on what they learned from these speakers and realize how they want to continue.

A quick tip from us, send your CV to the company that is looking to recruit, look for them online and make sure to follow-up. If you have that entrepreneurship spirit, don't hesitate to start developing your business idea! We are saying Good Luck to everyone out there! Never give up.

Career Fair Bitola, hope to see you again next year!