Content Amplification: The Missing Piece of Content Marketing

by Maja Novakoska November 28, 2018 Marketing

You finally closed all tabs from your browser and you published your latest blog post. You are feeling proud, and

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Paid Search Tactics That Work Extremely Well

by Tina Efinska November 21, 2018 Marketing

As a marketer, you are aware that paid search marketing is an effective, yet inexpensive form of online marketing. It

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Building a Successful Email Drip campaign

by Maja Novakoska November 14, 2018 Marketing

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. That’s the sound that every marketer should be aware of. A drip campaign involves automatically sending

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A person holding a tablet with only arms visible is tapping one star out of five.

How a Great Negative Review Response Impacts Your SEO?

by Tina Efinska November 07, 2018 SEO

Negative consumer ratings have been the fuel of nightmares for many a business owner. But, there’s always a reason why

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Brutally Honest: 5 Things we learned From Startup Grind Revised

by Marija Nikolova October 31, 2018 Team updates

On the 25th of October in Public Room in Skopje, we held the revised edition of Startup Grind, a global initiative supported

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The Benefit of AI in Reducing Waste from Digital Advertising

by Maja Novakoska October 24, 2018 AI

When you are publishing an ad (Cost-per-click), you go through the process of targeting, crafting the ad to fit the

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The Absolute Power of Big Data in Content Marketing

by Marija Nikolova October 17, 2018 Marketing

Technology continues to be widely implemented for marketing purposes. One area, in particular, that is driving successful outcomes is content

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4 Easy Ways to Track ROI from Social Media

by Maja Novakoska October 10, 2018 Marketing

Social media is a great way to create brand awareness and draw visitors to your business. From there, you have

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How to Create A Successful ICO Marketing Campaign Without Social Media

by Tina Efinska October 03, 2018 Blockchain

The internet and social media are changing the way users interact and communicate. This change is making an immense impact

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How to Double Your Website Traffic with YouTube And Video SEO

by Marija Nikolova September 26, 2018 SEO

In recent years, video content has grown and it is expected to flourish even more so. In fact, nowadays videos

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Google Ads: The Rise of Automated Bidding

by Maja Novakoska September 19, 2018 Marketing

Have you ever wondered how you can increase your website’s visibility on Google and other search engines? The answer is

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Marketing Research in The Age of Data and Machine Learning

by Tina Efinska September 12, 2018 Marketing

Back in the 1920s up until 1940s, marketers advertised to their target groups through the radio. This period is the

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