About Vrootok and the Services We Offer

Established in 2017, Vrootok’s goal is to provide professional, high-quality marketing services to clients from various industries. We take pride in enabling our clients top-of-the-notch marketing strategies and tactics, which bring them significant results and build their brands further.

Our team always believes in a better way, and in a constant improvement, because that’s the only way towards success and professional growth. We also swear by planned approach to all operations and activities, enabling a custom-crafted plan to every client we have.

Vrootok’s long term vision is that our professionalism and expertise provide the best marketing solutions for our clients, so they can reach their full potential in the modern tech society.

teodora nikolovska ceo of vrootok

Teodora Nikolovska, CEO of Vrootok

“At Vrootok, our clients are our family. We take care of each business like it’s our own, and we build long-lasting business relationships. Our main values are trustworthiness, integrity and continuous striving for excellence. And, we mean it!

With over 7 years of experience in working with international clients, we have gained the know-how and expertise that will help businesses grow. Our goal as a full stack marketing agency is to help our clients to overcome their struggles and make sure to connect their product or service to their ideal clients.

We want people to love the brands of our clients and make sure we leave a mark with our business. Therefore, we have developed Standard Operating Procedures which have proved to deliver positive results for all of our clients. Our onboarding process is also one of our most valuable assets. We make sure to understand your unique business model so that we can help you reach your goals.

The best thing is that we love what we do, and we do it with passion. Our greatest success is helping you reach the stars. Our team’s multicultural experience enables us to easily adapt in working with multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with many clients from all over the world.”