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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO in 2021

Panta rei. As everything around changes so do the digital trends. And they may be changing much faster than anything else. Many of the trends in digital marketing that were considered not-so-important will be a must-have in 2021. For sure, SEO will be one of them.

In an era when people are working and buying from the comfort of their homes and are constantly searching for products and services online, the importance of SEO in business is more than obvious. 

Having this in mind you have to embrace the changes to survive in the ocean of competition. What you will need is to get prepared for the upcoming challenges and trends and start 2021 on a strong foot. 

This article will let you understand why is SEO budget the last thing that should be cut and why would a company invest in SEO. Let’s see what are the main reasons why your business needs SEO more than ever.

1. The General Searches Will Go Into Local Searches

When you think of the internet you think of something global. But the reality is that most people use the internet to find something locally. Having this in mind, Google wants to provide the best possible service to its searchers. That’s why local SEO is so important and it is a feature that Google constantly improves, besides the way it shows the results in the SERPs.

Also, these days showing support to local businesses is very important. The impacts of the pandemic can mean life or death for small local businesses. That is why your SEO has to be rock solid.

Partly, this local SEO oriented strategy came out of the zero-position and no-click-search. Many of the results tend to get up high into this zero-position. And most of the zero-click results are “local packs”. So, if you are in the local league and you want users to know about you, don’t postpone your local SEO optimization and get in the game.

For a start, you can create a Google My Business account and take advantage of its features. 

2. Mobile Searches Will Take Over Even More and You Have to Be Prepared

As smartphones were becoming more and more popular, the search engines were adjusting the way results are shown on mobile devices. Then Google released the mobile-first-indexing. It means that when crawling, Google primarily looks for a mobile version of a website. And this still is the practice today.

Another great point why you should invest in this approach is that users (especially Z-generation) are using mobiles more than anything else. If you use any analytics tool you can easily tell that this statement is true. Assuming that, you are going to want to provide a better experience for your users and most importantly – an experience that suits their needs. If they want to access your webpage from a mobile device, then give it to them. Mobile-friendliness is one of the key points of how SEO works.

You can take the game a step ahead. You don’t have to optimize your desktop version for mobile usage, but you can follow the mobile-first approach. Reverse the game: design it for mobile and make it desktop friendly.

Content Optimization For Mobile Search

3. The User Experience Is More Important Than Ever

We can all agree that having great and useful content on the website is crucial. But there is one more point that you have to bring your attention to – UX. The user experience started seeing the spotlight in 2020, but in 2021 it will be the most discussed topic.

Marketing and SEO experts agree that UX is of utmost importance for higher ranking on the SERPs. Google’s primary mission is to keep the online user happy. Following that mission, we can conclude that the experience your website provides is one of the factors that will impact your ranking. There are many aspects you have to consider and a few of them are:

  • Mobile-friendliness;
  • Safety;
  • Security of personal information;
  • Quality hosting;
  • Fast loading time.

Finding what they need and having a great journey through the way is very important for your users. It is also important to Google. So, make sure that you impress your users with a great UX in 2021 and ensure your business satisfied users, and be the search engine’s favorite.

4. Image Optimization Will Be a Major Ranking Factor

The experience until now says that people type in keywords to find results including images as well. Nowadays, visual search has evolved. It means that you can input an image into the search engine and search for a context.

In the future people will be able not only to use images to search for context but also to make purchases, obtain information, and much more. It seems that Google is very serious about considering optimized images as a ranking factor. When its bots crawl your website they will pay more and more attention to the type of images you are using and the way they are optimized.

When you invest in technical SEO, make sure you also optimize the images on your site. Make sure that you use relevant and high-quality images. Part of the optimization is to mandatory use of alt tags and have a well-structured file name. Images are becoming a crucial part of SEO-friendly strategy.

Hint: Add images to your site map. They are easier to crawl. 

5. The Video Will Be an Indispensable Part of an Effective SEO Strategy

Knowing that YouTube has more than 1 billion users, we can agree that video is the most consumed content. If you haven’t created video content until now, this is the right point to start.

SEO professionals ensure us that using video will do only good. Using video thumbnails in search results can boost your search traffic. Videos can provide a higher click-through-rate and it causes the visitors to stay longer on your page. Especially the Z-generation favorises videos because they are more into watching than reading.

Remember that the point is not to only use video content because it’s a trend. You have to optimize your videos in terms of size, titles with proper keywords, upload speed, etc. So, before you deep dive into your digital marketing services, consider video optimization as a part of your SEO strategy. Do some research and apply the findings to your brand personality.

6. Voice Search Will Impact Search Queries

As time passes by more and more searches are done through voice. Smartphones and virtual assistants have changed the way we do searches. As technology has gotten better, using voice search is becoming more popular than ever. No matter what industry you’re in, 2021 will be the time when every business needs SEO services.

Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are the innovation that changed the search game forever. The voice commands that these virtual assistants receive are better understood in question than in statement. This means that you will have to optimize your content for voice search to stay “alive” in the SERPs.

When you use the benefits of SEO make sure that you do it right. So, optimize the content in this way: put it in a mimic how a person would think and speak and that’s your voice search query. When people are talking and using their voice they tend to ask questions when they need information. But, when they are typing, they are more likely to just “throw” keywords in the search console.

Optimized Content For Voice Search

7. Google Will (Only) Consider Content That Fulfills the Eat Principle

If you are not familiar with the EAT Principle, it is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. This Google algorithm was primarily intended for the health care and finance industries. In other words, Google wanted to ensure that “your money, your life” labeled businesses provide not only relevant but also correct information for their users.

Step by step this principle will start to imply in every industry. It will give a “red flag” to the website which content is plagiarised or unworthy.

Besides the SEO services needed to optimize the content for EAT Principle, you will need to go way back. First of all, you have to know your consumers very well. Try to create a buyer persona to find out what kind of content your users cherish. After you know your customers well, frame up the journey they go through with your brand. And after that, you can start creating content in the ways your customers prefer to consume it. If you want to fulfill this principle you have to consider these steps as well:

  • Write your authoritative blog posts;
  • Build up your backlinks;
  • Use reference links to relevant websites (“.edu”, “.gov”);
  • Doing guest posts.

Don’t wait for the rules to come to you, instead, you go to them and go before anyone else is there!

8. If You Want to Rank Higher, Data and Analytics Should Be Your Priority

All of the best marketing strategies have one thing in common – they are data-driven. When you are creating social media content, content for SEO, or even your overall marketing strategy, you have to base them on some results.

Using and tracking data will help you know if your campaigns and marketing efforts are performing well or not. Also, it is very important to verify which URLs are crawled and indexed, the bounce rate you get, and which errors your website throws. Data and Analytics can help you to find which sites are potential spam, so your EAT credibility won’t be hurt.

You can also use SEO tools like SEMrush that will provide you with all the features you need to remain a rock-solid SEO-friendly website. In this way, you can continuously improve your website and gain a higher rank position on the SERPs.

Wrapping It All Up

As we previously mentioned trends are changing day by day. The impact this year had on the digital world itself imposed a more technical and strategic way of thinking. The reasons we mentioned are going to let you think about why companies should invest in SEO. 

Since the businesses “won’t survive” 2021 without a great SEO strategy you can start looking for ways so you will invest in SEO. Start creating your strategy to win the SERPs in 2021 and make your brand’s existence remarkable and outstanding in the days that are about to come.

If you want to level up your business using SEO expertise, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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