As we welcome the year 2020, some changes and trend shifts are bound to happen. Are you one of those content marketers who are passionate about learning? Are you inclined to adapt to the dynamic world of content marketing?
If the answer is yes, stay tuned!

With the fast growth of content marketing, meeting the customer's needs is the key to success. Why?
Well, customers today are more conscious when it comes to their purchasing power. They are using social media to impact everyone's decisions. This includes things from influencing businesses and pushing companies into greater accountability, to setting up new product trends.

Creating content that will be more authentic, personalized, and valuable to your audience can be challenging. With the progress of technology breathing down our necks, deciding which type of content to create can be overwhelming.

Don't worry, read the 5 trends that will be relevant in 2020 and start with baby steps. Implement some content strategies before burning yourself out trying to do everything at once. 2020 will teach you that quantity is no longer needed when it comes to creating content. What is actually required is valuable content. This type of content is more meaningful and offers relevant information for your brand.

Trend 1: Personalized Content

As mentioned above, customers are getting tech savvier. They expect more genuine content that enables a personalized experience. How are you going to achieve this?
By delivering exactly what your audience wants! This will encourage them to engage with your brand further.

Customers will want you to help them make an informed purchase decision, not sell to them. That's why your personalized content needs to attract their attention and guide them through the buyer's journey. In the end, you will convert them to loyal consumers of your brand.

Personalized content depending on the customer's needs.

Think about what makes your service and/or product stand out, what is the core value that you are offering, and make it personal! Facebook provides personalized news on people's feed. Amazon suggests products based on previous purchases. Youtube and Netflix are offering recommendations based on the user's activity.

This means that you will need to do research, gain relevant data on your customers' needs, and create content that will bring them value. To make this possible, consider inspecting some key elements from your audience. Such key elements are:

  • Their interests,
  • The social platforms they prefer,
  • Their online behavior, and
  • Basic demographics.

After you’ve done your homework, creating personalized content will make you stand out in 2020! Good luck!

Trend 2: Live Streaming

Video, video, video! That's what's keeping the short attention span! Video has been an essential part of every stage in the buyer's journey. Videos initiate action, no matter whether it’s a click or a purchase. Numerous surveys have proven that users prefer video over all other forms of content. But, what's the 2020 trend that will give a new dimension to video content?

Live video (or live streaming)!

As it is well known, "a picture is worth a thousand words”. The average frame rate per second in a video is typically 24 to 25, with the most used being 30 FPS. This means there are that many pictures in each second of a video. Moreover, seeing it live is what users are getting more interested in. 80 percent of respondents to a Livestream survey are saying they’d rather watch live video than read a blog post.

A phone showing a live streaming video.

The popularity of a live stream video is growing and will continue to grow during 2020. This is due to the live streaming features on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Moreover, Facebook found out that users watch live videos 3 times more in duration when compared to regular ones.

With everything being in real-time, this experience is more authentic to the consumers. With live streaming news delivered to them, communication seems like a two-way one. The audience can ask questions, offer ideas and engage with the brand. In addition to this, creating live webinars with the purpose of teaching the audience is a great way to create live video content.

Trend 3: Podcasts